Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Top Posts of '23

Happy 2024, friends!!! I'm really not sure where the past month went but here we are ;)

Today I thought it would be fun to look back at my top posts of 2023 and then ask y'all what you'd like ot see more of over her on the blog.  I joke that i'm the world's worst blogger because I never really look at analytics until I write this post and then I'm always a little surprised at what my top posts were.  In some ways though I feel like it keeps this space authentic to me because I'm not particularly driven by what's bringing in the most views. hahaha

That said - here are my top-viewed posts of the year!

 North Pole Breakfast 2023

This post is always one of my personal favorites and y'all know that doing the North Pole Breakfast for my kids is a yearly delight for me so it makes me so happy that lots of y'all enjoy the recap.

Day In The Life November '23

My Day in the Life posts throughout the year are consistently some of my highest-viewed which makes me laugh because every time I write one my inner monologue is something alone the lines of "nobody cares what you did next" ;)

Amazon Lately - Dog Bowl Edition ;)

The same inner-monologue applies for Amazon posts but the numbers continue to prove me wrong and I'm so glad y'all are finding gems in the things that I'm sharing!

Recipe posts are some of my personal favorites - I hate nothing more than seeing a recipe shared, trying out and having it flop so when I share something know that I LOVE IT.  

I consider myself a "seasoned" camp mom at this point and I love that thousands of y'all refer to this post for tips and tricks when sending your babies to camp.  It's funny to me to see the evolution of these posts from when I first sent Mason in 2018 to what his trunk looks like now ;). This summer Luke will be going to Colorado for TEN DAYS so that will be a whole new adventure!

This is a trip I've taken 8th graders on for several years and it's something ;) hahaha

This post was better late than never and was one of my very favorites of the whole year.  I LOVED NASHVILLE SO MUCH!!!

I love planning a summer family trip SO MUCH and love that so many of y'all use my posts when planning your own!  My NYC posts from 2022 are some of my most-viewed posts of all time and my CA posts are creeping up there as well! 

I joke with Dave that people only read my Big Bend posts because they can't get over me sleeping in a tent in the dessert - and he agrees ;) hahaha

This trip is SO FAR out of my comfort zone which, honestly, is why I love it so much.  I ADORE my co-workers and despite the fact that we're traveling with 15 students, camping, hiking and doing all the things I don't think I laugh as hard all year as I do during those days.  This past year was extra special because Luke was on the trip and extra dramatic because we had to drive through a dust storm that was unlike anything I've ever experienced and had a mountain lion encounter.  Super pumped to head back this March! hahaha

My analytics would lead me to believe that LOTS OF US are looking for all the planning/organization/time management tips as my planner posts are also some of my highest numbers

PHEW!  WHAT A YEAR!!!  Still hard for me to wrap my brain around the fact that I've been sharing "life" over here on the blog for 16 years and people are STILL reading.  I appreciate you choosing to spend your time engaging and reading more than you'll ever know! 

I'd love if if you'd leave a comment letting me know what you love reading and what you'd love to see more of in 2024.  HAPPY NEW YEAR, FRIENDS!!!


  1. I absolutely love your blog! You bring such great ideas to each post and you are so creative! Thanks for sharing your world with us!

  2. I love everything about your blog! I look forward to reading it every day. It is so real and I love seeing your cozy home in all the seasons. You are so talented in so many areas that it all seems fun!! Thank you for sharing it all with us!!

  3. I'm currently combing back through your NYC posts as I'm planning our son's HS graduation trip! I do not have a creative bone in me but I enjoy when you share your creativity with decorating, teaching, etc.

  4. I've been reading for years and I'll just say you have the "blog touch." Ha! I have absolutely nothing in common with you but I love your stories and adventures so much!!! I don't know that I'll be of much help with suggestions for future posts as I really do enjoy most all of them. I guess the only ones I bypass are gift suggestions for those I don't have in my family as it just doesn't apply. Anyway, I do enjoy the decorating and cooking posts a great deal. I always, ALWAYS marvel at how you get so much done! You are a wonderful Mom and wish you and your family a happy and healthy 2024.

  5. Yep, it's definitely how you 'keep it real' here that has me coming back to read!
    I love your book posts, and seeing what works for your family, whether that be games, recipes, or finding a variety of things to do with kids (love how you guys don't just travel together but also do service and faith-based things together!).
    Also, we've found so many good games for our fam through your blog! Thanks for all you do!

  6. Just love how real you are. Love real life stories like when you share about your and Dave dating/getting engaged, would love to hear birth stories, what it's like teaching a kid to drive, etc.. would also love to hear more about what the Lord teaches you in your quiet times.

  7. I have read your blog since Griffin was a toddler. I love that you are real and don't make everything seem perfect like bloggers do (the reality is that we sometimes just need a day to veg on the couch. I am a fellow teacher with 3 kids so I get it! I think reading about organization, your daily lives, and trips are my favorites.

  8. Your blog is one of my absolute favorites ... so more of the same!

  9. Your blog is one of my favorites. I teach math too; different age group, but I love your teacher posts. Plus planner stuff, recipes, day in the life, organization, and vacation posts. Oh, I'm in the Denton area so I like seeing your DFW outings and adventures ideas for kids too.


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