Wednesday, July 5, 2023

California Trip Part 6 - Harbor Tour and Farmers Market

 Wednesday morning we watched the surfers for a bit and then headed to the harbor to do a cruise with CityLine cruises.

  Last summer we did a NYC water tour which was a great way to see things we wouldn't see otherwise and this was the same!

Nothing better than being on a boat!

So something I didn't realize about San Diego before we got there (not sure how I missed this) is what a big military spot it is.  We got to see brand new battleships...

... ships being worked on...

...ships being built....

... the bridge...

... and the Dole banana boat being reloaded.

This is also where my kids took over picture taking duty because I "wasn't taking enough picture of the cool military stuff". hahaha  In addition to 4000 picture of ships they took these gems of each other...

We did the one hour tour and then added on the extra hour to do the other side of the harbor and see sea lions and seals...

... and as an added bonus we got to see three fighter jets take off, a few helicopter landings/takeoffs and there was a whole bunch of "awesome jets" ;)

The skyline was a neat view coming back as well.

We didn't have time to do the maritime museum but we walked down a bit to see some of the ships and the submarine...

... and of course we had to stop and check out the GIANT yacht.

We headed over to Little Italy to grab some lunch...

... and landed at Mr. Moto Pizza.  Not sure how "authentic" ;) it is but it was DELICIOUS and fast and did I say delicious?!?!?!

It was great for our family because everyone could pick their own slices...

After lunch we walked around a bit because Little Italy was the CUTEST...

We got back to the house, caught our breath for a minute and then decided to walk to the Ocean Beach farmer's market which happens every Wednesday.

It was about half a mile from where we were staying to the market and I couldn't help but snap some pics along the way because CA couldn't be cuter if it tried.  


The flowers everywhere!

The market had tons of fresh fruits, veggies and flowers as well as little vendor booths and LOTS of food.

We each picked out some homemade dessert for later (Dave and I shared a carrot bread with orange icing that was so so so good!)

We walked back home and then the kids got changed and wanted to head to the little beach that we could see from our balcony.

I took one for the team and stayed back at the house to get dinner going and read but can you spot my crew down there?

You can see our porch in the pic below right underneath those two palm trees (with the umbrellas)...

When they got back from the beach we decided to eat dinner outside...

... Mason living his best life with lemonade in a wine glass ;)


And how did we finish the night?  Games, farmers market desserts and a movie ;)  ALWAYS!


  1. I didn't realize it was such a big military city either. Thanks for letting us travel along with you! I always love your summer trip recaps. :)

  2. I have never thought of visiting San Diego but after reading your trip report it is on my list! I could sit out on that balcony all day!!

  3. Another wonderful day! Love that private dinner with a view.


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