Thursday, September 14, 2023

Amazon Lately

Happy Thursday, friends!  Today I'm sharing a few recent Amazon purchases and, as always, they're all over the place ;) 

A friend recommended this dog bowl after I shared a video of Rosie drinking and literally just sloshing water EVERYWHERE.  This bowl has definitely cut down on the spillage but she still makes a mess on the daily.  I do love that it's stainless and is super easy to clean - we got the largest size and it's perfect.

I bought a set of these pens for grading papers because as much as I LOVE a flair, dare I say I like these more for grading?!?! Pink is my signature color for grading and I LOVE THEM!

I bought this concentrate of my favorite cleaner and it couldn't be easier to mix up and refill the bottles I already have.  

I ordered this baking sheet specifically because it has the lip on it and I wanted to do the sheet pan lasagna and it's great!  Super large size and will be great for when I do our favorite pork loin or a big tray of fries.

I bought these overalls to decorate for G for homecoming and they're DARLING! I love that they're not "typical" overalls and aren't super tight but also aren't crazy baggy.

We've had the same Crayloa watercolor sets for years and when I was cleaning out the craft closet I ordered this watercolor set to replace the ones we had that had empty pots and mixed colors.

My only regret about this insect trap is that I didn't have it this summer.  I know I'm going to sound crazy but order a couple and save them to put in stockings of the adults in your lives!

A child who shall remain unnamed put CHOCOLATE CHIPS in between pieces of bread and put them into our toaster and needless to say a new toaster was necessary (as was a lesson in what can and can't go into a toaster "even just to melt stuff") ;) hahaha

I ordered this disco ball planter that Luke used for his homecoming ask and it comes with a really awesome clear plastic stand so you can set the ball directly on a surface.  It also comes with the macrame hanger and metal hangers as well.  LOTS of options.

Happy Thursday and happy shopping!!!


  1. LOL chocolate chips on toast in the toaster! HAHA I'm sure it seemed like a great idea at the time! I made the sheet pan lasagna tonight. OMG delicious!

  2. Dying laughing at the chocolate chips in the toaster!


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