Thursday, July 13, 2023

All things PLANNER

I didn't realize how highly anticipated this post was - but apparently y'all love a planner as much as I do because the number of emails/direct messages/etc. I've had about what planner I'm using for home and school has been A LOT!  So here we go - the low down on all things planner!

First of all - I'm STILL using apple calendar and sharing that with Dave and Luke.  You can read about how we do that  HERE but it's easy, we can both add things to it and see it, it's accessible 24/7 from wherever we are, etc.  I LOVE IT and wouldn't stop using it BUT I was missing having a paper planner so back in January I ordered a Mom Agenda from the recommendation from a friend and instantly loved it.

I knew I loved the layout and decided to order the larger size to get ready for this coming school year and it's TRUE LOVE!

I love literally everything about it.  I love having the larger format, the spiral binding and the thicker paper.  A monthly view is essential...

But the weekly format is really what sets it apart from other planners.  I love the sections at the bottom of the page for kids and how much space there is daily.  I like to keep everything in one spot and this lets me write my blog plan, meal plan, kids stuff, to do lists, etc. all in the same spot.

I don't necessarily color code things but do use a different color for each of the kids sections.

And yes... I LOVE personalizing the pages because it just makes me happy.  I've been known to doodle in my planners but have moved over to stickers mainly because it's A LOT faster (and cuter).  I found Pipsticks this summer and I just can't quit.  The stickers are great quality and I love that they're all printed on clear backing.  They have HUNDREDS of styles and they're all equally cute.

I MEAN - it's bringing me back to my elementary sticker collecting days and I am loving it.

Other features of the planner that I love are the movable rulers that double as tabs for the current month and week.  It is significantly larger than my last planner BUT my plan is to leave this at home so I'm not concerned.

You can click HERE to check out Mom Agenda!

Griffin LOVES a planner just like her mama and this is the one she opted for this year.

She likes to keep track of things she has going on as well as school assignments.  CUTEST!!!

I've shared my favorite teacher planner several times including this post where I showed how I modified it to work with my middle school class schedule as it can sometimes be hard to find planners geared toward multiple preps vs daily schedules (like elementary).

I had been searching for planners and came across this Laurel Denise planner and as soon as I saw monthly/weekly layout I knew I wanted to try it...

Essentially you can see the monthly calendar and then there are smaller pages that you can flip through with your weeks... all while STILL seeing the month!

I teach six classes (but it's kind of only 4 preps) so each box will be for a class/prep and I'll be able to see my week at a glance as well as my month.  All I put in in the boxes is a lesson title/brief description so I don't need much space (I turn in lesson plans weekly online) and I think this will be perfection!

The other side of the page I'll add to-do-lists and notes...

The back of the planner has lots of these "lesson plan" pages, which, if I'm being honest - seem a little useless.  I teach 15-20 lessons a week so if I used these to write out plans I'd need like 30 times as many as provided so my plan is just to use these pages for general notes, lists, phone convo notes, etc.  

Same thing with the record keeping pages - maybe some teachers can utilize these well - I just can't seem to do that so, again, I'll just use it for notes.  

As well as the designated notes pages.

As far as pens go I love a set of flair pens and then have recently fallen in love with the Laurel Denise highlighters as well.

I really hope you found this post useful either for your personal or professional organizational goals!  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out and ask!

HAPPY Thursday, friends!!!

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