Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Mom Agenda

Back in 2021 I shared that I had switched over from a paper calendar to sharing online calendars with Dave to keep track of all of our family's activities and such.  We're 100% still using apple calendars to access everything on our phones and share it all BUT I really did miss having everything laid out to look at and the notes space.  

A dear friend of mine was telling me about her holy grail planner and so I checked it out after Christmas, it came last week and I AM IN LOVE!!!

What sold me was the weekly layout with rows for each kid...

The top section I've been using for my to-do-lists and just general stuff I need to remember that day and then there's a row for each of the kids and a spot for dinner.  I also was able to fit my blog calendar on there which I'm LOVING because it keeps everything in one spot.  I do like to block off the weekend so visually it's separate from the rest of the week it's seriously perfection!

I carried each of the kids colors over to the monthly layout as well and while the spaces are smaller than I'd prefer it still works great for an "at a glance" sort of thing with the details on the weekly pages.  It has two ribbons (one for the month and one for the week) and the paper quality is AWESOME!  There's a larger spiral bound version that I was tempted to buy but I really wanted something smaller that I could toss in my bag easily.  

Like I said, we're still using digital since that's easy to share, but I do enjoy sitting down on a Sunday and mapping out my week on actual paper. 

In case you're looking to get yourself organized this semester you can snag this planner on sale for under $20!  It goes all the way until next December so you get a full years use out of it.  

HAPPY Wednesday, friends!!!



  1. That looks divine! I still like having something in front of me as well!

  2. I've always been a paper planner too! I just can't convert to the electronic version of planning.


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