Monday, April 10, 2023

Saturday - Day In The Life

On Saturday I shared a Day in the Life over on  my instagram feed and if you missed it or want to see anything again I saved all those stories to a highlight that you can find on my account and then on the highlight bubble circled below...


I had a BUNCH of questions that I didn't have a chance to respond to on Saturday since it was a super busy day so I thought I'd share those sources and answer those questions here!

Where did you get that container your strawberries are in?

We have a few of these produce bins and I love them because I can rinse everything in the basket, let them drain and then put the basket right into the container and straight into the fridge.  Any excess moisture drains out and keeps the fruit and veggies fresh.

I thought Dave didn't work Saturdays???

Dave worked in the restaurant (country club) business for 20 years and he ALWAYS worked nights, weekends and holidays.  When he left that industry to work for a home builder back in 2020 he traded in those crazy hours (like 19 hour days on golf tournament days) but he still works weekends since those are such busy days in the home-buying business.  Thankfully the hours are nowhere near where they were when he was in hospitality!

Where is your crossbody bag from?

Etsy! You can find it  HERE.  I love it so much and couldn't be more pleased with it.  It's roomy, easy to wear and the quality is top notch.

Tell me more about the Costco sausages!

They're the grass fed beef polish sausages you can buy at Costco and we LOVE them for an easy weeknight dinner (great on a bun, diced and simmered and served with brussels sprouts, etc). or heated in the microwave (or air fryer) for a quick lunch.

Where are those napkins from?

Amazon!  You can find them HERE and while I can't speak to how well they wash and dry quite yet they couldn't be prettier!

Where did you get your hoodie and your hat?

You can find the hoodie  HERE and the hat HERE

How do you make your candied pecans?

In a sauce pan combine 6 tablespoons brown sugar with 1 1/2 teaspoons ground cinnamon, a pinch of tine sea salt, 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract and 1 1/2 tablespoons water.

Place the pan over medium heat and continue to heat until the sugar melts and everything is combined and bubbly.  Add in 2 cups of pecans and stir to coat.  Stir and cook everything 2-3 minutes.  

Spread out the hot pecans on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and let cool.  Break them apart and enjoy!  I like to add these pecans (and a piece or two of dill) to  my FAVORITE deviled eggs.

Where are your corn hole boards from?

You can find them  HERE.  I liked that they weren't branded with any logos and they're great quality.  They would make a perfect Father's Day gift.  We also have  these stars and stripes bags which are great.

What was the tool you were brushing Rosie with?

A furmintaor!  If you have a dog that sheds it's a MUST!  I bought the SleekEZ wooden brushes first and really liked them but nothing works as well as the furminator brush.

Where is your robe from?  Is it gauzy???

Amazon and YES!  It's muslin and is one of my most favorite things in my closet. I would pick this over a big fluffy (read: HOT) bath robe any day of the week.  It's gotten softer and softer with every wash and I really think I'll have it forever.  It doesn't look like it's available in pink anymore but it is available in a bunch of pretty colors.  You can find it HERE.

Do you still love your Speed Queens?

YES!!!  Our washer bit the dust back in 2020 and we bought a Speed Queen top loading (with an agitator!) washer and dryer set and couldn't be happier.  They're "no frills" but I wanted something as "low tech" as possible and they're fantastic!  The wash cycle is seriously about 1/3 of the time of a standard washer (whenever we stay in an AirBNB we are like "WHAT IS TAKING SO LONG???" on these big, fancy, high tech machines).  You can read my original review HERE.

Where is that purple gingham dress from? 

HERE!  I actually just got it in and love it so much!  I love that the straps are adjustable and the fabric is so comfy!  Please note that the slit is REALLY high - I put a few stitches in mine (so easy) or you could easily safety pin it but just note that it's HIGH!

What's a volcano candle and where did you buy them on sale?

A volcano candle is only THE BEST and only candle you'll ever need ;) I buy them at Anthropologie when they go on sale because I have an UP membership (I'm not sure this is available everywhere but essentially it's a yearly membership - I think $79) and it gets me free shipping and 15% off every order at Anthropologie, Free People and Urban Outfitters.  So right now they're on sale for $28.80 and then with my additional discount and free shipping I pay right around $25.  

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  1. This day in the life was so fun. Following along on Instagram was great. What an accomplished day you had!


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