Monday, January 23, 2023

Valentines Day Touches


HAPPY Monday, friends! This past weekend I got out my Valentine's bin and decided it was time to put out a few festive hearts.

First up was the "Love You" banner I had made a few years ago by the most darling shop on Etsy.  Unfortunately, she closed her shop a while ago ;(

On the tired stand are few little chocolates in one of these bowls...

On the console table I added a wooden tray with zinc hearts...

... you can write on these with chalk and I like to use them as little place cards when we do Valentine's Day dinner.

Kitchen table is super simple... plant (pot), cake stand with some goodies and  another heart bowl.

I few cute and festive tea towels...

... and  the smallest glass bowl holding allergy pills (hahaha).  Everyone in my house takes Zyrtec fairly regularly and so it's most convenient to keep it out and available to grab in the mornings before school.  

In the glass front cabinet above the desk (which is literally just our air fryer station at this point - hahaha) I added  these large heart bowls (one of my favorite holiday items!) and a couple of wooden heart trays.  

I grabbed these bowls at Home Goods last year or the year before and they're also a FAVE.  The kids use them all the time and they're such a perfect size.

I added a couple of Valentine's Day dessert plates to the stack we keep out...

... and some of my other heart pieces to the shelf in the dining room.

Another little heart dish (which has since been emptied after a nosy Rosie was sniffing around)...

... and a LOVE pillow to go along with all the other heart pillows we have out year round on the couch.

The last thing I have to do is put out the Valentine's Day books on the bookshelf upstairs, but I just ran out of time... so here's a picture from a couple of years ago and a link to the post highlighting some of our favorite Valentine's Day books.

 Hoping you have a LOVELY Monday and that this post inspires you to put out a few Valentine's Day touches at your house as well!

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  1. So cute and festive! The Zyrtec bowl spoke to me... I keep allergy pills in the kitchen, in my purse, in the foyer drawer, in the car...

  2. I am dying at the allergy pills in the heart bowl!! You know you live in Texas when everyone is constantly taking Zyrtec!! Your house looks great!!

  3. Adding just a little bit of pink and red really does add such cute touches to your home!


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