Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Valentines Day Books

Y'all know I love a themed book post and today I'm SO EXCITED to talk about Valentine's Day books!  Somehow I've never shared these before and we have quite the collection built up from over the years and some of our very FAVORITE books are in this stack!  

Sometimes I keep "seasonal books" in a basket by the fireplace downstairs but lately I've been using the bookshelf in our game room to put them all out  because 1) it looks fun and festive 2) the kids will get into them WAY more often when they can see them like this and 3) I like to pretend that I'm a librarian. ;)

Some of the books in the "stacks" are non-holiday books, but the ones I put standing up are holiday...

... and then the lower stack and the basket are all Valentine or Groundhog Day themed.

The Biggest Valentine Ever is an oldie but a goodie.  It's a sweet story about two friends working together to make a valentine for their teacher and this is one of Griffin's favorites.

Groggle's Monster Valentine is a favorite at our house because the illustrations are just SO FUN!  Groggle is PRECIOUS and there's a lot of burping noises which adds to the appeal :) 

I LOOOOVED  Amelia Bedelia as a kid, and while this isn't the same Amelia I remember (where Amelia is an adult)  I felt like it still had the same sweet, fun tone and we all really like this book.

Ollie's Valentine is one that has been around at our house for a while.  It's a board book with foil hearts throughout and it's just plain sweetness.

Roses are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink is great for elementary-aged kids.... Gilbert's feelings are hurt by two of his classmates and so he writes unfriendly Valentines for them and signs other people's names on them.  The class erupts into chaos and Gilbert ends up apologizing and reconciling - it's an all-around good story with a great message.

Y'all know we're big Lola Dutch fans (remember when we got to meet the authors last year?) and the  newest Lola book is probably the cutest one to date. 

This is NOT a Valentine is so cute - it's not about glittery hearts or mushy cards... but acts of care and service telling friends you care about them.  SWEETNESS!

Here Comes Valentine Cat is one of MY personal favorite Valentine's books because of the style of writing and how well it corresponds with the fantastic illustrations.  Somehow the pictures say more than words could and this one is super fun to read aloud to kids.

The Wonderful Fluffy Little Squishy is new at our house and while it's not necessarily a Valentine's book it's got a sweet little message of love and care and the illustrations are to die for!

LOVE is my Favorite Thing is SO GOOD!!! Plummie loves EVERYTHING and her enthusiastic attitude reminds me so much of my own kids :) hahaha  This book is really sweet and was a great conversation starter at our house.

Valensteins was a book I picked up with Mason in mind... the kid who is way too cool for "Valentines love books" :)  Fran K Stein is working on a secret project... a valentine! It's spooky and sweet and a fun v-day read especially for boys.

A Crankenstien Valentine is another fun pick for those less enthused about pink hearts and doilies :)  All of my kids giggle at this book and the ending is pretty sweet.  

I LOVE FRANKLIN BOOKS!!!! I've always loved Franklin... he's sweet and gentle and I just love everything about them.  Frankiln's Valentines  is one of my very favorite books.

Bagel in Love is PRECIOUS!!!  Bagel just wants to dance in the dance contest but he's having a hard time finding a partner.  Bagel in Love  is whimsical and fun and touching and has been on bedtime repeat this month.

I don't think you can ever go wrong with a Curious George book and  Happy Valentine's Day, Curious George is no exception.  Each page has a fold-out flap which just adds to the fun.

Groundhug Day was a new addition to our collection this year.  Moose is hosting a Valentine's Day party but Groundhog won't be able to come because if he sees his shadow he'll have to go back into his hole for 6 more weeks - they work together to come up with a plan and it's just a fun and sweet book.

Last year I shared my Groundhog Day book selections which I put out at the same time as these and you can find those picks  HERE.

Happy Wednesday, friends!!!

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  1. So...would i be a little odd if I start ordering books for my grandchildren if my oldest is 16? Because these book posts totally make me want to!

  2. Great books! I was in the bookstore yesterday and they have a whole Amelia Bedelia chapter book series now! Love those books.

  3. Great books! One day I'll have grandchildren and will give them these types of seasonal books. Love it!

  4. I could look at these cute book covers all day long!

  5. Jan Brett has a book out about bears for Valentine's Day- was always a favorite with my kids.

  6. I needed this today! Davis informed me that "we only have like 4 Valentine books..." so I'm going to need to do some shopping! We love Valensteins (anything with the word "butt" is a win for a four year old), but I can't believe I don't have Franklin!

  7. Thanks, Andrea, for the precious Valentine's book suggestions! I ordered six of them and sent them to family & friends. Since I have no grandchildren, I asked my adult children to first read the book, then take it to work and give it to a family to read to their child, wishing them a Happy Valentine's Day!That makes my Valentine's mom heart happy!

  8. Thank you for sharing all of these Valentine's books!! I love books and want to check some of these out for my kiddos! I too love acting as librarian :)

  9. Any chance you have a link for the bookshelf? I love it!


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