Thursday, September 29, 2022

Easy Weeknight Dinner IDeas

Today I'm sharing some of my family's favorite weeknight dinners that are QUICK, easy and yummy.  These are meals that I like to pull out on super busy nights where we have practices, church, games, etc. and there's minimal time.

This has been a family favorite around here lately - it takes zero prep ahead of time and only takes about 20 minutes start to finish to have something on the table that everyone will eat and enjoy.  We don't marinate the chicken in anything... Dave just trims the breasts, sprays the chicken with cooking spray on both sides and cooks them on medium/high heat 10 mins per side.  The leftover chicken we'll use for tacos or salads.

This is another one that takes minimal time and is an absolute crowd pleaser at my house. It makes enough for leftovers for kid lunches and all of my kids gobble this up.

These come together super quickly but don't taste like it.  If you're in an extra short time crunch you could even prep the breadcrumb mixture the night before and keep it in a ziplock bag ready for you to shake and bake your chops the next day.  I love serving these with apple sauce - and if you haven't tried that I HIGHLY recommend!

This is PERFECT for a weeknight because you want the meat to marinate for about a day and then when it's time to cook you do it in the oven for right around 15 minutes.  We love it with these potatoes

This is one of my tried and true go-to recipes and I love it because if you use a Costco rotisserie chicken it makes two pans... one for tonight and one to freeze for another.  It's super simple, super hearty and my entire family eats it.

These are one of my personal favorites - and since they use frozen chicken tenders they couldn't be easier.

We love chicken enchiladas and my "trick" to prepping these fast on a weeknight is to prep and shred the chicken the night before.  That way when I get home from work I just assemble everything, bake it and we're good to go.

This is probably Mason's favorite meal of all time.  It's a weeknight staple and is great with a side salad.

This is another family favorite - rotisserie chicken is the absolute HERO and aside from cooking the bacon (which you could easily do on a night prior) the prep time is minimal.

This isn't my kids favorite meal but it's for sure one of mine ;). I love it with chicken sausage and I will typically use three whole peppers because I LOVE PEPPERS!

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