Wednesday, January 26, 2022

What's up Wednesday

 Today I'm linking up with  Shay and  Sheaffer to talk a little bit about what's been going on around here!

I seriously can't quit the Irving salad from Cavalli's.  If you're local you HAVE to try it.  I don't love their grilled chicken but will often add my own at home and it's just SO GOOD!

Talking with a friend the other day about when our school used to have a Q-U wedding and remembering when Mason wore a high schoolers jersey and pads (on the outside because "it's way cooler that way, mom)...

OH MY WORD how cute is  this USA serving dish?!?!  I feel like it would be precious all summer long.  Adding it to my birthday list ;)

Last week was "Wild Week" (a basketball spirit week) and G got to cheer at a pep rally and varsity basketball game.  She had a blast and it was fun to watch.

I've been working on sorting through closets and have been making donate and Kidizen piles... I'm so excited that ALL my kids items are going to be posted on Kidizen next month! If you've been asking about a closet sale I should have a link to give y'all SUPER soon!  The process of doing a closet sale always overwhelms me so this option has been PERFECT and I can't wait!

Griffin has been somewhat of a "reluctant reader" up until this point - she was a little late to the reading game and has felt some frustration along the way but I THINK she may have found her "Captain Underpants" ;) What I mean by that is Luke was the same way as G until one day he checked out a Captain Underpants book from the library and COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN! He stayed up late reading, immediately read the series and, honestly, has been a pretty voracious reader ever since. 

Griffin checked out "Act" from the library last week and could not put it down.  She couldn't stop talking about how much she loved it and after an unsuccessful trip to both the school and public libraries for the other books in the series I went ahead and ordered tem for her as to not lose momentum.

Are they a great literary work?  No. 
But she's loving them (and finding success!) so I'm running with it ;)

You can click  HERE to shop the boxed set.

Not a whole lot!  

I just watched the second season of Cheer on Netflix and really enjoyed it.  If I'm being honest I kind of felt anxious almost the entire time... between the Jerry Harris stuff, the obvious stress Monica was under, the competition from the other school, etc. BUT it was still so good.  I don't think I enjoyed it as much as Season 1 BUT still worth the watch.

Also I did feel that they did a great job talking about the Jerry issues and really bringing to light some of the ways kids can be susceptible to predators.  I also appreciated the way they showed his teammates honest reactions to his arrest and how they were handling that.  It's crazy to keep in mind as you're watching that these kids are BABIES (I mean - I know they're technically adults but the amount of "stuff" that they're dealing with at like 20 years old is crazy town). 

I'm currently listening to  Reminders of Him by Colleen Hoover and am enjoying it so far.  I've listened to a few really different and great books lately and I'll be sharing soon.

Nothing as cute as Griffin ;)

What I do every weekend, friends :)  Laundry, clean and watch these cuties play sports. hahahaha

I LOVE February!  The hearts, the flowers, the "sometimes" snow... I love it ALL! I'm hoping that Mason and Griffin get/want to make Valentines boxes again this year because  last years were SO MUCH FUN!

Super random but I got a couple of new pieces of art that I am LOVING!

I have  this Kelly Witwer print in my bedroom and LOVE IT and couldn't get enough of the colors in  this print.

Y'all know that our hearts belong to the mountains and  this print immediately grabbed my attention.  I think it's a little small for this space but I'm going to let it live here for a bit and see what I think.

HAPPY Wednesday, friends!

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  1. So, I'm not local, but I need to know what's in that salad! I'm always looking for salad inspiration, and yours looks so good!

  2. I have a daughter similar age as Griffin, and you should try the Dory Fantasmagory series- it's a huge hit with my girl! Another she's enjoyed is the Sunny Book Series, but Dory is definitely the big winner :)

  3. I love the USA platter, but I love that they have a Texas platter even more!!

    Why does Griffin look like a teenager in that volleyball picture?!

  4. Andrea! That baking dish is ADORABLE!!!!!! It's equally adorable that my Canadian bestie wants one ;) .

  5. I don't mean this in a mean way, but your blog has become almost unreadable with all of the ads. They keep sending me back to the top of the post and it's very hard to scroll through. I just thought I'd let you know in the event others are having the same frustrations.

    1. Yes- same. Really really hard to read on mobile device with all the pop ups

    2. Hey! I really appreciate the feedback - when I look at it (desktop and mobile) I’m not having that issue so I’m going to ask forward your comments to company that handles placed ads for me to see if they can figure out what’s going on. I appreciate you letting me know!

    3. Hi, I have the same problem when reading on my desktop. It's weird though, some posts are worse ad wise than others. Some I can't even follow because ads take up all the space.

  6. Hi Andrea! You might also look into The Doll People series (4 books the first being the best) for sweet Griffin as well! She is the perfect age. Neither of my extremely reluctant reader girls could put it down once a good friend recommended it and we have passed it onto other reluctant reader girls who have loved it just the same.

  7. Oh yes! I always let my boys read whatever they LOVED because I wanted them to love reading. I figured more literary works would be covered in schooling anyway and while it took some time before my oldest and youngest actually enjoyed reading it was worth the trial and error with book series.


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