Monday, February 8, 2021

Valentine's Week Prep

Happy Monday, friends!  This weekend we hustled to prep for a really busy week including all kinds of Valentine's Day fun and activities.

My kitchen table was a HOT MESS for about 95% of the weekend but it was a happy mess ;)

Griffin did friendship bracelets for the girls (the plan was to punch holes and pull the bracelets through but the bracelets came already tied (with a pull tighten thing) and so we stapled them)...

And sport keychains for the boys.  

Apparently stress balls are all the rage in fourth grade and Mason decided to give those to everyone....

Both Mason and Griffin are having Valentine's parties with their grade levels and can bring a box or bag to collect their valentines in.  Mason and his friends all made big plans to make boxes (a minion, a football jersey and a robot) so Mason and I headed to Hobby Lobby Saturday morning to gather his supplies.  Look at that cutie craft shopping :)

He knew he wanted to make a tank and so he's been checking out boxes for the past couple of weeks for correct sizing and he ended up using two shoe boxes and a bracelet box to create the tank shape.  I helped him use a box cutter to cut a hole in the lid of the bottom box and the bottom of the middle (pink) box and then he hot glued the bottom of the pink box to the lid of the bottom box so essentially if someone drops a valentine into the hatch it will go all the way down into the base of the tank.  The lids aren't attached so he can just take the lids off to get to the valentines.  He cut a wrapping paper tube at an angle and hot glued it to make the cannon and then cut 10 wheels from the same tube (and then used strips of black paper to create the treads). 

His original plan was to have pipe cleaners coming out of the cannon but when we were at Hobby Lobby he found this spray of glitter hearts ;)

I mean! Look at that proud face!!!

Some American flag stickers and an actual flat were the perfect finishing touches. 

He is so proud of his creation and can't wait to bring it to school on Friday.  I'll try to snap some pics of his friends boxes when I pop into his party because they are SO CUTE!

Griffin's plans changed about 12 times but she finally settled on a "MCA pom pom box".  Okay, then. 

She took the reins and hers turned out so cute and so "her" :)

1000 pom poms coming right up :) 

We also prepped a big batch of one of our favorite desserts to leave in the teacher workroom on Monday.  We usually leave little clear cups and a little note of appreciation and it's typically gone when I go get the dish from the lower school workroom at the end of the day. 

You can click HERE for the recipe.

Happy Monday, friends!!!


  1. Mason's Valentine's Day box is amazing! Griffin's is so cute too. My daughter chose your s'mores Valentine to share with her class. Have a great day.

  2. The kid's valentine's are EXTRA cute this year! I LOVE G's!!!!

  3. My children aren't allowed to exchange valentines this year. :( Where did you get the bracelets? So very cute and creative!

  4. Mason's box was so cool! Griffin had a super cool idea too! Love both of their boxes.

  5. Mason's valentine box is so good!

  6. Your kids did a great job on their boxes! Mason's might be the coolest I've ever seen!

  7. Come to my house. Do it all. I beg you. xo

  8. Mason's box is everything! Love to see those little minds at work.

  9. His tank is awesome!! I love all the pompoms on Griffins too and your Valentine's are fabulous.

  10. The tank turned out perfectly! Love it!


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