Monday, August 19, 2019

Weekend Top 10

We're easing back into routine this week and spent the weekend gearing up for things REALLY getting crazy with activities starting again today.

Mason and I kicked our weekend off with Friday afternoon eye exams ;)  Super fun, right!?!?!  Mason has been telling us since the Spring that he doesn't need his glasses anymore and we let it kidn of ride this summer and he never reached for his glasses once (and he was reading and writing often!).  It turns out that he's now seeing BETTER than 20/20 without his glasses and we're crediting all the eye strengthening exercises he did in vision therapy for that.  We're keeping an eye on him, continuing with his classroom accommodations (straight forward seating close to the front) and Mason knows the importance of letting us know if he feels like things start going blurry up close again. 

Friday, August 16, 2019

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends.  Thank GOODNESS it's Friday, y'all - because my people are TIRED! T.I.R.E.D.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Back-to-School Brinner

Happy Wednesday, friends!  We made it through the first day of school - tired but excited!

Monday night we had our annual Back-to-School Brinner and I want to share because it's seriously so easy and one of our family's very favorite traditions.

Essentially, it's a special breakfast for dinner (brinner) on the night before school.  It started because I saw other people posting about special first day of school breakfasts and literally couldn't get it together enough in the morning so I moved it to the night before :)  

 We talk about what we're excited about for the year, take some time to pray over our teachers, classmates and school and set some goals for the year.  The menu is SUPER simple and I tried to change it up this year and was met with SO MUCH resistance which I feel just proves that it doesn't have to be anything fancy.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Back-to-School Gear with Walmart

Today is our first day of school and it is my absolute PLEASURE to share some back-to-school gear we purchased not for ourselves but for local students in need.  Walmart had a HUGE selection of backpacks and other back-to-school gear that made shopping super easy in a really busy time of the year.  I went online and let each of the kids pick out a backpack (or two!) that they liked to be donated to a school supply drive for a local Title One school here in McKinney.

Luke picked out  this Marvel backpack...

Monday, August 12, 2019

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday, friends!!! This weekend has been a WHIRLWIND and tomorrow is the first day of school so it's kind of full throttle around here right now.  Anticipation and excitement ran HIGH this weekend because we picked up the boys from Sky Ranch!!!

Friday, August 9, 2019

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!!!  This week has been an absolute whirlwind!  It's been great though and I'm SO GLAD it's Friday because WE PICK UP THE BOYS TOMORROW!!!  MAMA IS READY! :)

Erika Narci and I are all sharing our FAVORITES from the week and if you'd like to join us all you have to do is grab our graphic, link back to one (or all) of us and share your own Friday Favorites post.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Back-To-School Favorites

We're less than a week from our first day of school and we are in FULL ON PREP mode over here.  I'm back at school every day and have been spending my evenings getting uniforms ready, backpacks cleaned and my planners organized.  

Today I'm going to share a few of my back-to-school favorites as a mom and a teacher!

First up - backpacks....

Both Luke and Griffin are going on their 3rd years with the same backpacks.  Mason would have been on year 4 with his North Face backpack but a TCU backpack was high up on his birthday wishlist.  We've been so impressed with the quality of the North Face backpacks and even though Mason isn't using his for school it's still in great shape and we'll hold onto it for times we need an extra.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Colorado Part 4

After 5 glorious days in Vail we hit the road and headed to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs.  I'd heard great things about the zoo and Griffin had been counting down the days until this part of the trip :)

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Meet Gary

Today I thought I'd introduce the newest member of our crazy crew - Gary Patterson McAnally :)  Gary is a two-year old female bearded dragon and is literally Mason's dream come true.

Having a bearded dragon wasn't on my to-do-list but I feel like it's a great experience for my kids and I'm not naive enough to think that all of their interests/likes/dislikes are going to line up with mine and so sometimes supporting/encouraging those likes is going to put me a little out of my comfort zone - and that's ok!!!

Monday, August 5, 2019

Happy Campers

Well... it's HERE!  The most highly-anticipated week of the summer... SKY RANCH WEEK!!!  This year we have TWO happy campers!

Friday, August 2, 2019

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!!! It's my LAST Friday of summer and I'm determined to not be sad.  This summer has been wonderful - we've had a great balance of downtime and playtime and getting things done.  I have SO ENJOYED the break with my kids and am nothing but thankful that I get this time off with them.  I'm excited about this school year professionally and for my kids and am determined to be hyped up for all of our sakes as we head into the next couple of weeks... even if that means I have to get up early :) 

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