Wednesday, February 21, 2018


I receive a LOT of questions and today I thought I'd answer seven that I've received recently (and often) and then I'll pick another seven to answer in another post on a later date (and so on and and so on) ;)

- ONE - 

I have a shelf in my closet and I hung a framed wire photo holder on the wall for earrings and necklaces.  If I'm being honest I really only wear the big leather earrings (I have them in a few neutral colors) o most days because they're so light and easy to wear, but I do still find occasions to wear some of my other pairs.  If you're in the market for a great, lightweight earring I love the large size from Nickel and Suede.  I also have some hooks hooked onto the board where I have a few bangles and then a few other sentimental pieces (like my charm bracelet) that I don't wear as often but love to look at.  The little hooks to the right hold a couple of wrap bracelets and necklaces...

... and this wooden stand (it used to have drawers) holds all of my Farmgirl Paints cuffs.  

I have a tiered stand on my bathroom counter and have a couple of little trinket dishes on there as well where I keep rings. 

- TWO -

I do what I can when I can - if I wait for a time when I can clean my entire house or even entire kitchen it's just not going to happen so I sneak in what I can when I can.  Something is better than nothing, right?!?! And I'm often amazed at how those little things add up to getting a LOT accomplished in a day.

We try to get organized at night to make our mornings easier including getting lunches prepped and packed, uniforms laid out, backpacks ready, etc.

I cut myself some slack :)  I might not be able to help with every class party or chaperone every field trip but I CAN host a kick butt pizza Friday for my kids and plan a fun craft to do on the weekend.  Doing what I can when I can and knowing that I can't do EVERYTHING all the time has been freeing.


I was born in Toronto, Ontario (Canada) and lived there until I was 8.  My dad had a two-year work assignment (he was in telecommunications) that brought us to Raleigh, NC.  That two-year job turned into 6 years at which point he switched jobs and we were transferred to McKinney.  I was in the 8th grade and was NOT happy about leaving Raleigh, but now I wouldn't change a thing.  

I'm still a Canadian citizen (I'm a permanent resident of the U.S) but my kids are all American :)

- FOUR -

Don't major in the minors :)  I leave all the lights on and have a super hard time keeping my closet clean and he leaves practically-empty tupperware containers in the fridge and sleeps in socks (who even does that?!?!) and we try not to nag each other about things that don't matter (although he's better at this than I am).

We don't argue often, but when we do it's pretty much ALWAYS the same argument (literally... the same one we had in my parents driveway when we first started dating) and we've gotten good at recognizing that, acknowledging how each other is feeling and then having an actual discussion instead of an argument (pretty much I need to work on my filter (I literally can hear myself saying "don't say that" in my head and then next thing I know I'm saying it) and Dave needs to work on not being uber-defensive... we both know this about ourselves and each other which helps) ;)

Know each other's love language(s)!  Knowing how we each show love and like to receive it is invaluable.  If you've never read the book I highly recommend it!  My love languages are receiving gifts and acts of service, but Dave's are words of affirmation and physical touch and it's important to know this because if yours are different from your spouse you'll probably have to remind yourself to "speak their language" instead of your own :)  It's almost like when you buy someone a gift that you really like and then they're not super excited about it... same thing with love languages.  I may be showing love through MY love language (because that's what I would like), but that's not what Dave needs (that makes sense in my head! hahaha).  (Love languages are applicable to kids too and are super helpful to know!)

- FIVE -

These are some of my kids favorites things to give and receive...

- SIX -

It's ALWAYS a Venti English Breakfast tea with a splash of non-fat milk and three sweet-and-lows :)  ALWAYS.  I grew up drinking English breakfast tea with milk and sugar and I just can't quit it.  The funny thing is that as soon as I was pregnant even the THOUGHT of hot tea was enough to make me nauseous but I craved it in the hospital after they were born!


Right  HERE!  This might be my most-asked question and I am always more than happy to shout the praises of these little trays . We use them for crafts and as placemats and they're the best because of that little lip around the edge.  They wash well and have lasted several years.  We LOVE them!!!

Hopefully I answered something you were curious about and didn't know :)  I'd love if if you'd leave your other questions in the comments and I'll either reply with the answer or save it and answer it in an upcoming post.


PS - this post contained affiliate links... thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Saturday in the Life

Happy Tuesday, friends!  We had an awesome President's Day - Dave was off and I feel like I finally had a chance to get my entire house put together and cleaned at the SAME TIME!!!  It was a President's Day MIRACLE! :)  

Last week I had the idea to share a "weekend in our life" since I've done day in the life posts several times BUT after putting together just Friday/Saturday I realized that it would be WAY too much to also include Sunday - so I'll save that for another day (plus... this Sunday we escaped to the lake!).

I'm still on the low end of the video editing learning curve so PRETTY PLEASE show me some grace and YES I know I'm a hot mess in 95% of the video... but that's me on the weekends.  End rant. :)  Also, I started my video on Friday because that's when I consider the start of the weekend.  

I can't wait to hear what y'all think and if you like the "vlog" (that word is so weird, right???) format. 

Thanks so much for reading and watching and following along!

Monday, February 19, 2018

Valentine's Day 2018

Valentine's Day is always one of my favorite days of the year because it's a day to be intentional about showing and telling each other how much we love each other and I'm thinking we might have to implement a quarterly (or even monthly!) love day in our house :)

Friday, February 16, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends  This week has been a full one and we are all wiped out and ready for the weekend.  At the top of my FAVORITES list this week is this picture that I snapped of my boys last weekend that I forgot to share ;)

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Birthday Memories

I have so many really fond birthday memories over the years - sleepovers playing dream phone and calling song requests in to the radio station, heating the hot tub up and hanging out until the wee hours of the morning, fantastic surprise parties full of friends, homemade cards and breakfasts in beds.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Love Day

 Happy Valentine's Day!!!  I had planned on sharing some festive decor and/or a fun "love list" but to be totally honest - this week is PACKED and I just didn't get my act together enough for either of those things.  Instead I find myself grading quizzes, helping assemble class valentines and trying to get our schedules halfway organized.

Last night I had the absolute pleasure of hosting Girl's night and thought I'd share a few quick simple things I did in case you were looking for some easy inspiration for celebrating today.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Valentine's Candle Jar

Tomorrow is the big day - card exchanges, candy, class parties, etc. and I'm in charge of the craft for Luke's class party.  It's not often that a school party works with my teaching schedule, but Luke's is in the late afternoon this year and so I got to sign up to help.  I'm doing the craft and had to make my example last night so I thought I'd share what we'll be making in case you're in need of a last minute art project this week!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!  This weekend was pretty darn perfect and while I still haven't finished painting our bedroom (I know, I know) I was able to go to bed early, wake up late and spentLOTS of time on the couch with my favorite people so I'm counting that as productive (enough) :) 

Friday night we hunkered down for pizza and the opening ceremonies and had SO much fun watching.  I thought that the whole thing was pretty awesome from start to finish and I think that the biggest fan in our house was Mason.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!  This post is going to be short and sweet because this week has been LOOOOOOOONG and mama wants to look like this STAT! :)

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Mason - Visual Processing Update

I have been back and forth about how much of Mason's vision issues to share here on my blog and after a lot of thought and prayer I've decided to share his/our experience in the hope that it provides information and/or encouragement for parents and kids who may be experiencing similar symptoms/indicators as Mason.  This post is going to be SUPER detailed because I feel like it's important for y'all to know what led us to having him evaluated.  THERE IS NO SHAME in seeking assistance and professional opinions when you feel like something may be going on with your child and NO SHAME involved in receiving therapy or treatment.  When Luke started speech we made a point to never have a negative connotation when talking about it to him or with others and we're doing the same thing with Mason.  His friends and classmates know that he'll be receiving vision therapy and he's nothing but excited to improve his reading fluency (mainly because he can't wait to get his hands on his brother's Captain Underpants books).

I am in NO WAY an authority of any kind on visual processing and while I am more than happy to answer any of your questions to the best of my ability, if you have questions about your child's vision my suggestion would be to reach out to a developmental optometrist in your area.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Valentines - A few more :)

So after MUCH discussion at our house my kids finally settled on their class valentines and today I thought I'd share what we came up with.  

All of these printables (as well as the ones I shared in January) are ready to be right-clicked and saved to your desktop and then uploaded to a photo printing place (like Sams Club, Target, Walgreens) and have printed as a 4x6 photo.  Once you have the print, fold it in half and staple it at the top of a party favor bag filled with whatever goodies you choose :)

At first Griffin wanted all things unicorn and rainbow and glitter - we had to rein her ideas in a bit (we weren't sure the boys would be super pumped about a glitter unicorn necklace and they ask that all the valentines in PreK are the same) so we decided to put 10 or so GIANT water beads in the little bags and attach them to this...

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Teacher Tuesday - Ice Breakers

Back in 2014 (which seems like forever ago!) I shared a little bit about my "road" to becoming a teacher (spoiler alert - it wasn't a career path I set out on but I'm so glad I'm here!) as well as my philosophy on education.  You can read that post  HERE.

Part of that post detailed why I feel so strongly about building relationships with my students...

I love getting to know my students – I like to ask them what they did on the weekend, find out what their most embarrassing moment was and what they like to do off campus.  I share funny pictures and stories, we laugh at the occasional Tim Hawkins video and I engage in their community.  What I've learned is that by giving my students an opportunity to know me and by showing interest in their lives in and outside of school, they work harder for me and feel more invested in performing well in my class.  When I started teaching nine years ago, the Headmaster used to talk often about “the informal curriculum” being the moments that aren't in our lesson plans that impact students the most and how something we say or do outside of a lesson might be the most impactful thing a student takes away from our class in the entire year.  I hope that through their experiences in my classroom, students will grow academically, personally, socially and spiritually.

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