Monday, April 24, 2017

Weekend Recap - Senior Prom Edition

Happy Monday, Friends! We had some AMAZING weather here Saturday and Sunday and we are all exhausted from spending every spare minute outside.  Fresh air for everyone!

Friday night the kids and I made our own pizzas using dough and sauce I had picked up up at Trader Joes earlier in the week.  We've been doing Pizza Friday for YEARS at this point and I'm not sure how/why we've never made our own pies!  The dough and sauce were DELICIOUS and the kids had the best time assembling them themselves.

Earlier in the week we had meatballs and sauce for dinner (also from Trader Joes... see my post HERE) and we decided to use the extras on our pizzas!  SO GOOD!!!

 The kids all crashed pretty early and then it was just me and a crazy storm that blew through and dropped a bunch of hail on us (again).  Thankfully our new roof and other damage (from the storm last month) hasn't been repaired yet!

Saturday morning was awesomely chilly and Griffin and I hit up dance class and then headed to Lowe's to grab a few supplies.  Miss Independent wanted to pull the cart all by herself.  ;)  Good luck with that, sister!

A quick stop at home for some lunch and to change out of dance clothes and then we were off for a couple of errands...

... and to a birthday party for one of Mason's friends.

It was at Sci-Tech Discover Center in Frisco and was so much fun!

They had several demonstrations, made rockets, had snacks and then got to explore.  There was a giant red blood cell (there were 500 red balls/cells in there and 1 white ball/cell)...

... this camera that you could point at things and then see them magnified on the screens....

... a microscope camera...

... and a giant nose that sneezed ;)

There was a whole room of really great hands on things as well...

... simple machines...

... huge foam blocks...

... and BUBBLES!!!

It was such a fun party and was so neat that all the kids got to go and participate.

Later that evening we stopped by Anna Grace's house to see her before she headed to Prom!  Can y'all even believe it?!?!  Anna Grace - the sweet, precious soon-to-be-freshman who was a "mother's helper" for me the summer that Griffin was born is about to graduate!

Anna Grace is even prettier on the inside than she is on the outside and she has been such a blessing for me and the kids!  And I swear I wouldn't have survived June - August of 2013 without her :)  Going from 2 to 3 kids rocked my world and having her around during the day was such a huge help for being able to be out and about and (some days) just get dinner started and laundry done. 

This one cracks me up!

And look how sweet they were last year!

Saturday night we at outside (and were chilly! amen!) and all crashed early (again).

Sunday morning Griffin insisted on matching and we sported our matching aviators ;)

After church we spent the rest of the day outside cleaning, mulching, trimming, etc. and I took zero pictures until this....

... which pretty much summed up how all of us felt at the end of the weekend :)

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are ready to share your grown-up parties for Show and Tell Tuesday tomorrow.

Happy Monday, friends!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Friday Favorites - Popcorn Rocks Edition

Happy Friday, friends!  It's been a busy week getting back into the swing of things and I have lots of FAVORITES to share!

ErikaNarci and I are sharing our FAVORITES from the week and if you'd like to join us all you have to do is grab our graphic, link back to one (or all!) of us and add your link at the bottom of the post.

When I was on my trip last week I picked up some popcorn rocks fort the kids while I was at the caverns.  We started the process on Saturday by covering them with vinegar and they're currently on the desk just waiting for the vinegar to evaporate and crystals to start growing.  Along with a lesson in science it's been a lesson in patience as well :)

I'll update y'all on the progress in a couple of weeks.

This kid, that smile and his Pokemon are my FAVORITES! :)

A couple of weeks ago I picked up this face mask on Amazon and it's quickly become a FAVORITE.  We tried to get the boys to do it with us but they refused...

... but then Mason couldn't resist and he got the biggest kick ever out of it!

My FAVORITE little baseball player!

Monday was this girls birthday and we celebrated with one of her FAVORITE princesses in balloon form ;)

Playing restaurant is her FAVORITE so a tea cart and little tea set was the perfect birthday surprise.

We also celebrated Mason's birthday on Monday with a "day of fun" with his bestie ;)  First stop was Target for new Nerf guns, Beyblades and a few other surprises.

That's A LOT of balloons!

These crazy boys had THE BEST time!  And yes.... the TCU horned frog was a birthday gift ;)

Last stop on the birthday train was a trip to see Smurfs!  He dubbed the day the best party ever! #momwin

 While the boys were at the movies Griffin and I headed to her FAVORITE place - Playstreet. 

In her happy place!

(PS - Isn't her outfit PRECIOUS?!?!  You can find it HERE!  Olive and Gray graciously sent it to Griffin and I'm so excited for her to get tons of wear out of it this summer.)

This picture is blurry, but I feel like it completely captures her feelings about the afternoon ;)

My FAVORITE moment of the week was when Griffin put on her Snow White costume to show Haha who was stopping by and she asked Luke to marry her ;)  Being the great big brother that he is he happily obliged.  SO SWEET!!!

Mondays are my FAVORITE day to get dressed because I typically just throw on whatever I wore to church the morning before ;)  Easy!  This week was no exception and I wore the dress I wore on Easter which is quickly becoming a new favorite because of it's "breeziness" (which will make sense if you have to survive Texas summers!) and pockets.

Since I was out of town the week before his birthday and then we were out of school the Monday after we wrapped up the birthday celebrations with donuts for Mason's class on Tuesday.  He had these last year and requested them again.

I think these may be my FAVORITE birthday tradition!  Aren't they the cutest?!?!

When I was on the 8th grade trip last week the boys each stuck notes in my bag.  How cute is that?!?!  I think the fact that Luke wrote my entire name on the front is my FAVORITE part ;)

... and look at how big he and I are and how little the rest of the family is ;)

And from Mason...

Anyone else loving cuties?!?!  They're my current FAVORITE and I can't stop eating them!

 Playground time while Mason is at baseball practice is their FAVORITE!

And the back of this Matilda Jane dress is my absolute FAVORITE right now!  Isn't it so pretty?!?! 

Matilda Jane is running a sale right now on previous seasons (not this dress - sorry!), so be sure to check it out!  There are some great deals!

Mason's x-ray art this week was my FAVORITE! 

... and this was my FAVORITE funny from the week.

This weekend we have all the regularly scheduled programming... dance, baseball, etc. with a birthday party and seeing our FAVORITE Senior off to Prom thrown in the mix as well.

Happy Friday, Friends!!!

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