Thursday, July 28, 2016

Family Book Club - Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Edition

My plan was to bring back my Family Book Club Days again this summer, but then we moved... and things got crazy and now the clock is ticking down on vacation and I'm determined to fit a few in.  

I picked "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs" and the kids absolutely loved it.

The opening scene of the book involves the family around the table having a pancake breakfast...

 ... so we did the same :)

After breakfast, the kids watched an animation of the book on Youtube and they were enthralled!

(yesterday I showed y'all our office... well, that's a "Kid Free Zone" so the kids have their own computer at the desk in the kitchen)

They watched this one and it was so cute!  It totally held their attention.

After the initial video finished, a second reading of the book came on and they loved that one as well!  The girl reading the books is really good and they watched her read Pete The Cat as well.  So cute!

Griffin's face cracks me up :)

While they were watching the videos I got ready for our first project of the day. 

Tuesday night I took pictures of each of them out in the yard pretending that they saw something scary in the sky falling on them.  I printed those off and cut them out and then gave them each a poster board, their printed photo, glue, cotton balls, crayons and a few grocery flyers.

I helped Griffin with hers and the boys worked pretty independently.  We started off by writing "Cloudy with a chance of..." at the top and then using cotton balls as clouds.

The kids all cut out pictures of foods that they would want to see falling from the sky if they lived in the town of Chewandswallow.

They clued the pictures of themselves to the bottom of the poster board and then went to town gluing their food down and being creative.

The boys totally surprised me and they added on drawings of a building and a tree to their posters.

This project kept them busy for EVER.  It was great.  But it was also messy.  Not bad messy, just lots of junk everywhere kind of messy.  I left them alone though since they were working so quietly and independently. 

While they were finishing up, I cooked two pounds of spaghetti for the next activity I had up my sleeve :)

The boys were both concerned about running out of room when they were writing on their posters, so I wrote the words out in pencil as a guide for them.

I helped Griffin cut and glue her first few foods, but after that she wanted to work "by I-self" ;)

The finished results were so cute!!!

Luke's photo and the way he placed the big cherries above it was my favorite.

While I cleaned up the paper and glue, the kids got to work on building a city out of duplo.  I didn't tell them why... but they worked for about 30 minutes on building and constructing. 

... and their city included a train track that went off of the table and was held up by a Duplo tower :)

When the city was done I set down heaping bowls of cooked spaghetti in front of them and told them that they got to cover their city in spaghetti like it was falling from the sky.  The looks on their faces were priceless :)

I had no idea how this was going to go down, but it actually wasn't as messy as I thought.  They played for about 10 minutes before the noodles started getting REALLY sticky and gross and we called it quits.  They helped put all the noodles in a bowl and we wiped down the Duplos and that was that!  Not bad at all.

They MAY have tried a couple of noodles :) hahaha

Hands down this was their favorite part of the day.  As soon as Dave walked in the door last night they all rushed to tell him about throwing spaghetti all over their town.  "REAL SPAGHETTI, DADDY!  REAL SPAGHETTI!!!"

We took a break for lunch, and then I pulled out these little town pictures that I drew with crayon on cardstock. I saw the idea HERE and knew I wanted to recreate it with my kids.  There was nothing too elaborate, just little houses with hills or a fence in the background.

The crayon outline helps hold the colors in their specific areas and their concentration level was intense.  They all love watercolors.

We let them dry for a while and then came back later in the afternoon with some food from the pantry to glue on the pictures like it was raining down on the town.

These turned out so cute!!!  My favorite project from the day.

They had so much fun gluing the food down, but in hindsight I wish we had used pieces of yarn (to look like spaghetti) so that the art itself would be able to be kept for longer.  Not sure I want to store pictures with sprinkles glued to them for years.

A really neat thing happened after we were done watercoloring the town pictures... a storm blew in!  I told the kids I ordered the weather just for our special day and they bought it for a hot minute :)

We watched it out the front window for a minute or two before I opened the door and told them to go run.  The giggles were contagious! (check out my video at the end of the post)

We came in and dried off and the boys worked on some weather word worksheets I found HERE.

And then Luke worked on a word search I found HERE.

After some quiet time we got out the food coloring and some shaving cream to see if we could simulate water coming through the clouds like rain.

There was a lot of trial and error, but we had a great time trying different colors and dropping methods and color mixing as well.

We even tried a few different sized glasses to see how those worked.  The kids loved this and they all smelled like aftershave when we were done :)

After the cloud experiment I sent them upstairs to start watching the movie "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" while I got their surprise dinner ready.  Any guesses???

Meatballs!  And no... those are not the same noodles that we used earlier in the day :)  I made THESE meatballs and just served them over noodles instead of on sub rolls.  

And for dessert???  Individual cups of Yellow Jello!  Because...

The day ended on a sweet note with Luke reading the book to Mason and GG.  #inserthearteyeshere

It was such a fun day together and one that I don't think they'll soon forget.  These days are LOTS of work, but so worth it.  I'm determined to soak up as much of their enthusiasm for this sort of thing for as long as I possibly can. 

I made a quick video of our day as well...

And if you're interested in any of our other Family Book Club Days you can check them out HERE...

Happy Thursday, Friends!!!

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