Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Mason's Bday Dinner

Mason is THIRTEEN and I seriously can't believe it.  Another teenager in the house!  I LOVED having babies and toddlers but teens have been surprisingly fun so I'm extra pumped ;) 

He has a golf tournament today and doesn't tee off until late afternoon so we decided to bump his birthday dinner to last night and celebrate him a little bit early.

Because we bumped things last minute after finding out his tee time I didn't have a chance to get in a few things that I had ordered from Amazon for a different "theme" but instead pulled from my craft closet and made it happen and it turned out so cute!

I had three of these bags in my little party stash so I used two of them for gifts and one I cut up to make little decorations to put on the napkins.  

I had scrapbook paper and straws on hand as well as the roll of wrapping paper I used as a runner.

I always let the kids pick their favorite dinner and he picked pulled pork...

I had this topper that I ordered from Etsy...

It's filled with real confetti and is so cute!

He got a giant kickball, a neon cowboy weenie dog sign...

... and FRANK! :)

Mason is easy to celebrate and I still can't believe he's THIRTEEN!!!

Happy Tuesday, friends!



  1. I love it!! Happy 13th Birthday to Mason!!

  2. I just don't know how he's 13?! I have always loved me some Mason!!

  3. Happy Birthday to Mason! Love the theme, always SO cute! And a giant kickball?? Where can I find one? My boys would love it!


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