Wednesday, April 24, 2024

What's Up Wednesday

  Today I'm linking up with  Shay and  Sheaffer to talk a little bit about what's been going on around here! I missed out on this last week when I pressed pause on the blog to get caught up on some school things but wanted to share anyway ;)

I made our favorite burgers this weekend....

... TRUST me when I tell you that these patties are so much better than one you buy at the store!

Birthday month always has me reminiscing about when my babies were tiny and this picture of everyone all dressed up and ready for church will forever be a favorite.  G was about 4 days old and I don't think I've ever loved a picture more.

I have this dress in black and an orangey red color and I'm LOVING the pink!  It's super easy to wear and will be great all summer as is and then perfect for cooler temps and school with a jacket and sneakers.

I'm DYING over this bag but the price tag has me cringing.  Isn't that bow EVERYTHING?!?!?!

We celebrated Mason's birthday last Friday with a kickball game at the park featuring this giant kickball...

... and one million boys ;) hahaha

We wrapped up the party with a sleepover and additional shenanigans.  

The last few weeks of school are an absolute marathon.  But a marathon where you have to sprint the whole time.  It's just nuts.  What does make me feel a BIT better is having everything written and laid out in front of me so that's what I do for each of my classes as well.  THE COUNTDOWN IS ON!!!

Summer plans!!!  We're headed to Washington (state) and I literally can't wait!

I ordered this puzzle and I can't wait! It's a lightning deal right now so if you're into puzzles you can check it out HERE.

I'm still reading The Cherry Robbers...

... and REALLY looking forward to having more time to read this summer.

I just started this podcast...

All. The. Dresses.

This dress is a current favorite because it's SO EASY, versatile and comfy!

NOTHING!!! We have minimal on the agenda and I can't wait!

All the fun end of the year things! Class trips, award ceremonies, band concerts, etc.  

I just ordered this doormat and I'm pumped to get it in and get our porch looking cute again.

HAPPY Wednesday, friends!

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  1. Your family is going to have the BEST time in Washington!!! I feel like you're going to want to move there. I'll come visit :) .

  2. We love Washington state! My husband's family lives in western Washington and it's SO GORGEOUS!


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