Monday, April 22, 2024

G's Boho Swiftie Bday Dinner

I mean - does anything scream ELEVEN more than a request for a Taylor Swift birthday dinner?!?! I think not. 

I ordered this personalize cake topper from Etsy and it BLEW ME AWAY!  We don't have anything planned with G's friends yet (I know - it's shocking - Spring is just so super crazy so I'm working on finding a date that works for her and her friends) BUT when we do figure it out we'll for sure be using this topper again ;)

I snagged my disco balls out of the NYE bin in the attic and laid down this table runner...

... mixed in some volcano candles I had and some flowers from Trader Joe's and called it a day.  It ended up leaning a little "boho" which I thought turned out so cute since I'm sure when we celebrate with her friends it'll be full on pink, purple, iridescent, etc ;)

The pink plates and napkins were a Homegoods find... 

If I come across matching napkins and plates I try to grab them to keep on hand for occasions just like this ;)

G's request was Swedish meatballs and cheesecake....

... and after dinner she opened presents and finished her homework ;) hahaha

Such a sweet dinner celebrating our sweet girl!  These dinners will forever be a favorite of mine and long after birthday parties are gone I hope that this tradition will continue to make them feel loved and seen.

HAPPY Monday, friends!


  1. The cutest party!! I know G loved it! I always love your kid's birthday parties!

  2. Where is that cheesecake from? Looks delicious!

  3. So cute! Just wanted to make sure you received the apple dishes...

    1. Marilyn!!! Yes!!! And that was one of the most kind and thoughtful things ever! Will you email me so I can get a thank you note off to you?


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