Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Summer Stack

Okay - so my summer stack has officially reached epic proportions.  It's out of control, y'all!  during the school year reading typically falls off my to-do-list and I LOVE the slower pace of summer which lends itself to way more reading time.  I pledged my love to my Kindle for YEARS but when it died last summer I went back to paper/hardbacks and remembered how much I love holding an actual book in my hand over reading on a screen.  Is it old school? Yes.  Do I LOVE it?  Also yes.  

So here's my summer stack...

... I told you it was out of control!  My plan is to do an update at the end of June and then the end of July and keep you posted on what I've read and what I'm thinking of them (plus the audiobooks I listen to) and I REALLY hope I can make it through all of them by the time summer is over. 

I linked everything above so you can check them out and add a few to your own personal stack or your hold list at the library.  If you have other books you think I should add to my hefty pile let me know!  

HAPPY Wednesday and happy reading, friends!!!


  1. And Then There's Margaret is a cute and fast read. Great for summer.

  2. I only love a good library book in my hands!! Especially if it has that special smell, lol. Never used anything else.

  3. Best of luck!! My stack is always huge... and I get so bummed with myself when I have to return a book to my library that I didn't get around to reading yet.


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