Tuesday, May 30, 2023

North Texas Faves Part 1

Today I thought I'd share a few of our favorite places to hit up during the summer here in North Texas.  I got this question during Spring Break and thought it would be timely headed into summer break!

Shark Teeth Hunting in Post Oak Creek - Sherman, Texas
This creek is about 45 minutes north of McKinney and is SUCH a fun spot if you have kids who love splashing around in a creek and/or kids who are into fossils, dinosaurs, etc. 

Bring some camp stools, sunscreen, good water shoes and sifters and get ready for a morning or afternoon of fun.  You can find shark teeth, arrowheads, fossils, etc. 

This isn't a park - so there's no bathrooms... so plan accordingly!  

 The easiest access is at the Travis Street Bridge. Here you can park on the road shoulder and use a short trail down to the stream. The address, 2400 South Travis Street, Sherman, works well for directions in most mapping programs.

Hours of Imaginative Play - Playstreet Museum, Multiple Locations
Y'all know that my kids LIVED at Playstreet when they were younger.  We used to go ALL THE TIME and, honestly, it's one of the things that I miss the most about them all aging out of it.

My biggest tip for going is to NOT go in the morning. hahaha  
It was always busy in the mornings so I would feed my kids lunch, pack their water bottles and then stay from after lunch until they closed.

It was rarely busy in the afternoons and even when my boys were "too old" to want to go if I got them there with Griffin they ALWAYS played ;)

One of my favorite parts of Playtreet is how there is one exit and kids have to go through a gate to even get to the exit.  I always felt like I could read, work, etc. and knew that my kids weren't going anywhere.

When we started going to Playstreet there was one location and now there are tons all over the country.  We always loved going just to play but, also, their events are THE BEST!  

Art Walking - Dallas Museum of Art - Dallas, Texas
Visiting the Dallas Museum of Art is one of G's very favorite things to do.  The museum is HUGE and they always have interactive and hands on activities for kids.  My boys don't love it as much as Griffin BUT they still like finding the oldest, funniest, strangest, etc and comparing with each other. 

It's free and has incredible air conditioning (hahaha) which makes it a huge win for a Texas summer activity ;)

If you need a low key, relaxing day after a trip to the trampoline park or water park this is your spot ;)

And depending on what time you go there are typically food trucks out front where you can grab a treat when you're done. 

I have more favorites to share so if you're local or coming this way this summer be sure to check back!

HAPPY Tuesday, friends!

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  1. So many great recs!! This post made me think of that picture of Mason and me outside of the Perot...


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