Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Day In The Life: Last Thursday

Today I'm sharing a Day in the Life from last week - it was the end of Spring sports (#hallelujah) and kind of a "typical" day which I thought would be fun.

I set my alarm for 6:00 a.m and ended up hitting snooze and laying in bed until close to 6:20.

Up and time to take the damp mess of hair from my shower on Tuesday night.

6:37 - Almost there...

6:53 - Pic with this cutie when she stopped in to show me her hair she did all on her own and the sticker she put on her glasses ;)

7:00 - blurry but ready!  I ordered  this dress a few weeks ago and love it SO MUCH!  It's going to be great for summer!

7:03 - and we're off!  The perk of older kids is them being fully responsible for themselves in the morning.  Dave supervises and makes sure everyone's good to go but they're pretty much self-sufficient!

7:13 - We pulled up to school and Luke got unloaded and dropped off for the District track meet!  Last meet of the season and he was excited.

7:17 - Mason had ALL THIS GEAR for his golf tournament and he was on the struggle bus trying to get it all into school.  I convinced him to leave it in the car and grab it later ;)

7:21 - Lights on and time to get things prepped and ready for the day.

7:29 - Griffin hung out in my classroom until about 7:30 when elementary classrooms open up.

7:55 - My first couple of classes are working through a supplemental unit on unit conversions and I spent the class period proctoring and reviewing with them.

8:17 - Senior Walk!  All the middle school classes stepped outside of our rooms to watch the Senior Walk.  Since our campus is PK - 12th grades and lots of students come in elementary school and stay through high school they walk through campus and all the students and staff come out and clap and it's just the sweetest.  

8:23 - After the walk the seniors took a group photo and my entire class gathered around to watch.  Made me tear up just a bit because I feel like the kids graduating were JUST in my class!

9:05 - A few weeks ago Mason decided he didn't want the Nugget in his room anymore and I've been meaning to bring it up to my classroom.  Dave had a few extra minutes so he brought it by for me on his way to work!

9:15 - break time! We have an "extended passing period" from 9:15 to 9:30 and I multitasked by getting some things printed...

... having a PB&J and chatting with some friends ;)

After break I taught my 7th grade PreAlgebra class (we're doing a supplemental financial literacy unit to wrap up the year)...

... made a cup of tea (I downed the Starbucks Dave got me earlier and reused the cup to make a couple more throughout the day).

10:40 - as kids were working through their packets I snuck back to my desk in between answering questions and guiding practice to work on an email that I was trying to get out that afternoon...

I taught another PreAlgebra class and then my Honors Algebra class worked through a lesson on Probabilities and, again, I snuck in some email work 

11:55 - I ran over to the lunch room to eat with friends (not my duty day but some days you just need some adult conversation!) and mid-conversation with Sharon I remembered that Mason was eating a quick lunch in the golf coach's classroom and then I was supposed to open my car up for him so he could get his clubs and cart and stuff out...

... so I booked it back down to middle school (peep the question mark water graffiti - hahaha)...

.. just in time to open my car and give this kid a good luck hug as he headed to the tournament.  Spring sports are killer because track and golf are both during the school day and while I would LOVE to be able to attend everything I just can't.  He was riding to the course with his coach and a couple of other players and my dad was meeting him out there to watch him play.  GRATEFUL!

I snuck in some scanning before my last period class came back from lunch...


... and starting at 12:30 I spent the next 50 minutes reviewing simple and compound interest and applications of credit.

1:25 - My planning periods rolled around and I started tackling my to-do-list including making sure my Google classrooms were up to date...

... and tackling some grading.  I met with my principal about some upcoming events and when I got back to my classroom and attempted to plug in my phone and got this message that I've never seen before...

... and texted with Luke a bit about the track meet (I took the screenshot later that night).  He ran his first two events and then his shin splints got SUPER bad and he ended up skipping the 1600 at the encouragement of his coach.  Not the finish he wanted for the season but so proud of how well he did!

2:30 - Mason teed off and my dad started sending updates...

3:00 hit and I hit up my stash of Reese's trees in my mini fridge ;)

I worked for a bit more and then picked this girl up from ESS around 3:50. 

She played with my document camera while I packed up.

4:19 - I hadn't been great about meal planning this week so we hit up Kroger to grab a few things to make a creamy sausage pasta...

... she sweet talked me into her favorite chocolate milk...

... and we were out by 4:29. 

4:36 - home and getting the Roo our for a quick walk.

4:44 - I started going through the mail including the FOUR Cotopaxi fanny packs I ordered in the hopes that I'd like one of the color combos. They're all one-of-a-kind and you can't pick your specific bag so I ordered a few with plans to keep one.

Winner! Winner!  I have been LOVING my purple leather belt bag and wanted something similar that I could take with me on our West Texas class trip and not worry about it getting messy and this was PERFECT!!  LOVE the colors and the size.

Luke headed home from the track meet on the bus and a mom friend texted me some pics of him which absolutely made my day!

5:00 - I decided to tackle this mess.  This are of my bedroom is always the first thing to look like a bomb hit it ;) The ironic part is that I snapped this pic and then never ACTUALLY ended up cleaning it up.  Oh well!

Comfy clothes...

... and hot tea required.

I was thinking that I was going to have to run up to the school to get Luke from the bus BUT my dad was heading back to my house with Mason after the golf tournament and he offered to grab him for me! YAY!  Griffin hopped in the bathtub and I was cracking up because when I ran some of her clothes upstairs I found her in the tub with her karaoke microphone hooked up to an ipad playing music while she hung out in the tub ;)

I put away some laundry and picked up a bit and then...

5:53 - My dad brought the boys home...

... G was out of the tub and we sat and chatted, ate leftover quesadilla rolls from the kids bday party and talked all things Google slides ;)

And there may have been a recorder concert thrown in there. 


My dad hung out for a while and then the next thing I knew it was 7:30 (Dave got home around 6:45) and honestly, nobody wanted a full dinner after all the quesadilla rolls we snacked on.

I graded a bit while Luke and G worked on some homework on the couch...

... and then everyone had eggs and toast for dinner because it just ended up being a weird kind of dinner night with snacking before.  NO REGRETS! ;) hahahaha. 

8:15 - dinner and some blog work for me...

... and Dave and the kids wrapped up some homework before everyone filed through for hugs and kisses around 9:15. 

Here is where I totally stopped taking pics.  WHOOPS!  I worked until about 9:30, then did my Bible Recap and graded papers in bed until around 10:30.  

And there you have it!  I hope you enjoyed the glimpse into our days and if you have any questions drop them below!


  1. My favorite posts! 1. I need a link to the Homebody Sweatshirt. 2. I think it's so cool you are teaching about interest, credit, etc. Even if you just touch on it because I DEFINITELY don't recall any teachers ever explaining that stuff to us and I'm 45 and still not certain I understand it sometimes. Every time I think I do, we buy a car or a house or finance some sort of project and I realize I really have no idea. LOL!

  2. Give me all the day in the life posts!! Love them.


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