Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Day in the Life

I woke up last Monday and on a wild hair decided to document my day for a day in the life ;)  So here I am with charcoal mask on my face  at 6:27 sipping tea and being real sad that I'm not still in bed.

My hair was damp from a shower Sunday night so I finished it up, put on a bit of makeup...

... got Griffin's hair pulled back to her liking...


... got dressed...

... got the kids loaded and ready and pulled into school just in time for the best scene in Remember the Titans ;) hahaha

7:22 a.m. and this girl was snuggled up in my t-shirt blanket sneaking in some reading while I prepped a few things before the day got started.


I checked my lesson plans...

... grabbed some things that I had printed on Friday...

... and got my first Math 7 class started on their test.  While they were working I got to do one of my FAVORITE things... stickers!!! You'd be shocked how excited middle schoolers get about stickers ;)

My second period class took their test as well and after that period we had a 15-min break where I grabbed a few more copies from the work room, I ate a PB&J and hung out with my teacher friends for a bit ;)  Everyone loves break time!

Third period starts at 9:30 and I taught a lesson on lines and angles and when they got started on an assignment I got started on grading a set of Algebra 1 papers.

4th period was another section of PreAlgebra...

... which called for a cup of hot tea ;)

And then I taught a section of Algebra (we factored polynomials with four terms) before heading to lunch.  On my way to the student life center I saw Griffin whose class was having some "circle" time...

YES MA'AM!!! Dave is off on Monday and he offered to bring me lunch on his way to some sort of car appointment.  

After lunch I taught one last section of PreAlgebra and when 1:20 hit it was time to get productive.  My planning periods are both in the afternoon so this is my time to grade, lesson plan, get things ready for the next day, parent conference, make copies, etc.  First... fuel ;)

I really didn't take any pics during these couple of hours because I try to just put my head down and get a bunch of things done.  

3:15 hit and my space was kind of a disaster...

... so I tidied up a bit...

... grabbed Mason and Griffin and we headed home around 3:40.

  Typically I stay until 4:00 or later but Luke had an away soccer game and so we headed out a bit early so we could make our way down to Dallas (Luke left on the soccer bus earlier in the afternoon).

When we got home Mason grabbed a snack and got started on some homework...

.... I opened some super cute mail...

... and got changed into something that would hopefully keep me warm at the game.

We headed out around 4:30 and had "reading time" in the car.  This is what we normally do at home where we put on jazz music and all read - but since we were going to be out later and had a 45 minute drive we knocked it out in the car. 

I didn't read, but graded the math tests I had given earlier in the morning.

And after reading time was over we had to sing it out a bit in traffic ;)

Got to the game just in time for the 5:30 start time...

... and this girl decided to multi-task ;)

The boys played a great game and we had a blast cheering them on.

Hung out and chatted for a bit until they turned the stadium lights off ;)

Back in the car for some homework time on the drive home...

... some Tim McGraw to keep everyone energized...

... and a ChickFilA pitstop.  It didn't take a lot of convincing for us to make the stop and while I had already had ChickFilA for lunch and had zero plans of a repeat I couldn't resist some tortilla soup. I AM WEAK! ;) hahaha

Home and it was unpack backpack, shower, reset for tomorrow time which is kind of a hustle. 

I was still freezing so it was a quick hot shower and then my favorite quick and easy skincare... I was with this cleansing balm, then again with this bar.  Then I use this retinol serum and retinol eye serum...

... pretty much looking like a glazed donut ;) The best!

This is the fragrance oil that I use in our bedroom and it is HEAVENLY!!!  It seems pricey BUT it's so much cheaper than buying candles and it seriously smells UNREAL!

Kids were doing their thing and so I got my "area" all set up and ready for some quiet time..,

... I got settled in and then this happened ;)

My quiet time turned into every single person in our bedroom doing something ;) hahahaha

Kids cleared out and I knocked out my Bible recap...

... and wrapped up a blog post for the next day while Dave and I tried to get through an episode of 1883 ;) hahahaha

Finally crawled into bed and did my favorite nighttime routine - this lip mask has been a favorite for a while now an my friend Lori gave all of us  this nail cream at our favorite things party and it is SO SO SO GOOD!!! I do both right when I get in bed and it all feels so luxe!

And there you have it! A Monday in the life ;) Comment if you have any questions and I'll see you back here tomorrow for one of my family's favorite recipes of all time!


  1. Give me all the cozy snapshots of your classroom. xx

  2. Are you loving the Bible Recap? Have you done it before? I have really enjoyed it this year, I am a couple of days behind but hoping to catch up this weekend. :)

  3. these posts are my absolute favorite! Thanks for sharing!! Quick question, where did you get your puffer jacket and your bible? I love the space in the margin for notes and it doesn't seem too big.


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