Wednesday, January 25, 2023

What's Up Wednesday

        Today I'm linking up with  Shay and  Sheaffer to talk a little bit about what's been going on around here!

This lasagna casserole was on the meal plan this week and I had forgotten just how delicious (and easy!) it is.  

I've been working on previous years of Chatbooks so there has been A LOT of reminiscing happening around here ;)  February of 2017 just about did me in this week!

These dessert plates from Anthro!  Y'all know I LOVE a fun dessert plate - I love having them out for daily use and then mixing and matching them for a fun table setting - and while the last thing I need is another dessert plate, these new ones are GORGEOUS!

ALLLL the sports and activities and stuff.  Last weekend G got to cheer with the Lil Stangs cheerleaders at the pep rally...

... and halftime at the varsity basketball game.

Can you spot my little cheerleader watching the big girls so intently ;)

SO darling!

My boys had a weekend-long Monopoly game going last weekend (Dave was part of it but he was out at this point) and Mason "drove Luke into the ground".  I am absolutely dreading the rematch and subsequent trash-talking that will inevitably happen again this weekend ;)


I'm worki

My FAVORITE denim top is back in stock!  I LOVE this shirt so much and wear it all the time.

I'm currently reading  Book Lovers by Emily Henry and am really liking it.

Dave and I binged Yellowstone and just finished the most current episode and have started 1883.  Someone tell me it gets better because as of right now I'm not super into it.  LOVE Tim McGraw and Faith Hill in it but so far it's just been kind of slow.

I'm currently listening to Code Name Helene on audible...

... and look forward to my planning periods where I can listen to a few chapters daily.

I've been wearing this vest on repeat and love it so much.  I love the color, the fit and how warm it is.

ALLLLLL the kid-chauffeuring ;)  Luke has a ref clinic, G has two volleyball games, Mason has a basketball game and there are a handful of other activities thrown in there just for fun ;) hahaha

February is generally a pretty low key month for us but, for whatever reason, this February is PACKED with stuff including a girls trip and school trip to Big Bend.  While I'm not looking forward to the four showerless days I'm for sure looking forward to the views and for Luke getting to experience it.

We sold Rosie's giant dog crate last weekend and the FB Marketplace review the buyer left is GOLD! Made me smile so big!

HAPPY Wednesday, friends!

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  1. Love Yellowstone but was barely able to watch 1883. It literally felt like a chore for my husband and I to watch one episode at night. Just started 1923 and fingers crossed that one is better!

  2. I know so many people feel that way but I could not make it through Yellowstone or 1923 but I loved 1883! I don't think I watched it all the way from the beginning though... my husband was watching it first and I started watching it with him not knowing who everyone was or what was really going on at first. (So it must get better?)


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