Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Little Updates ;)

Happy Tuesday, friends!  Today I'm sharing a few pics of things we've changed up around here... nothing major but just little things that we've swapped around that are are making us happy!  January hits and there are always these big projects that I get the urge to start (like rip out all our carpet and replace it with anything but carpet and tear our "cave bathroom" down to the studs and replace all our blinds with shutters) BUT instead I decided to shop our house, switch things around and see if that satisfied the itch ;) 

I've had the same Vine and Branches sign hanging in our entry way since the week we moved in.  I changed it up for some art that I really loved and think it's darling!

This was when we first moved in... the whole downstairs has been painted since this pic but you get the idea ;)

Here was the dining room last Christmas...

... and here it is now!  This was our kitchen table that we moved in here and I love it SO MUCH MORE!  

I added this little chest I found on FB marketplace and think it's PRECIOUS! (art)

The whole table shuffle started when I found this table (also on FB marketplace).  I LOVED our original one BUT the cracks were about to do me in.  They were always full of crumbs.  ALWAYS.  I knew I wanted a solid top but other than that wasn't really sure and when I saw this one it as love at first sight!

It has a zinc top and is so pretty!

These photos used to be in our office and I moved them out here because I LOVE THEM so much and wanted to see them more often...

and I also added  this art above the chair.  

It's not my typical "style" but I loved the colors and frame and the price was EXCELLENT!

If that chair looks different it's because I swapped out the swivel recliner that was out here for one of the chairs that had been in our bedroom and it's so much better!

HEre's the swivel cozy chair now in my bedroom and I've already used it about 100 times more than we ever used the pair of pretty chairs that was in here before.  It's perfect for reading, grading papers, watching TV, etc.

I keep a bunch of books in the basket as the stack continues to grow ;)

Not a whole lot has changed upstairs...

... I'm still doing seasonal books on the bookshelf...

... and my favorite vintage silk screen is still up although now it's competing with the boys giant TV ;) hahaha

Happy Tuesday, friends!!!


  1. It looks great, Andrea! A little refresh in January is good for every one!

  2. I love to "shop" my house and to re-purpose things here and there. That's what I've always called that, because I'm finding new purposes for things I love. I rarely buy home décor, unless I love something or if it speaks to me. Art is always a great investment, even if it's not the pricey kind. I love having things around me that I love and that make me happy or remember something fun. Happy Tuesday to you!

  3. I love the table swap!! Both look fabulous in these spaces. Also, I missed you last night. Just puttin' that out there :) .

  4. Your house always looks so beautiful and cozy!


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