Thursday, November 17, 2022

Gift Guide - Favorite Things Party Ideas

Today I'm kicking off gift guides with some of my FAVORITES!  I know lots of y'all are going to favorite things party, doing gift exchanges with co-workers, looking for something under $20 for a friend, etc. and today I thought it would be fun to share some of my all-time FAVORITE under $20 gifts!  

First up are  these nylon bags... now hear me out ;)  They're CUUUUTE, incredibly sturdy and I've used mine daily since August to tote my lunch and other gear back and forth to school and they look brand new.  They're $36 for the back of three which makes them a great price point to split up and they each fold up into their own little carrying pouch.  There are TONS of patterns available but I'm partial to the smileys ;)

The laneige lip sleep mask is SUCH A TREAT!  I've had one of the larger pots for EVER and I use it nightly.  This set of five is $18 and would be darling on it's own, but would also be great to split up and drop one into little gift bags or stockings.  If you have a teen/preteen I think that this would be a hit for them, too!

I bought a few sets of these Turkish dish towels a couple of years ago and quickly got rid of all my other towels.  The size is great, they're super absorbent and they still look great after 1000 washes.  The set of 3 is $43 and you could easily split it up and tie it up with a wooden spoon for a cute gift.

Allie and Bess bracelets are some of my favorites and using the code ANDREA20 will make these cuties right under $21.  The quality of Allie and Bess pieces is GREAT and I absolutely love supporting their mom-run business.

These air fresheners come in a 6 pack for $15 making them the perfect gift to give as a pack or to split up.  IF you're not familiar with the Diva detergent it is THE MOST HEAVENLY scent but it's stupid expensive.  I like to open one of these and stick it in my linen closet and it smells SO GOOD - I also have one hanging in my closet and it's the best.   If you're heading to a favorite things party you could easily pair two of these with a lip mask in a cute little bag and call it a day!

These fairy lights are under $15 for two sets and are one of my FAVORITE ways to add some magic to pretty much anything.  I think this would be a super unique but practical and fun gift for an exchange.

The sol de janeiro Brazilian Crush scent is honestly one of the best things I've ever smelled ;)  The bum bum cream is to die for but pricey and this is the same scent in a $20 body mist package.  GENIUS!  I wear this all the time and am constantly getting compliments.

I have RAVED about  seche vite top coat for years and years because it makes your nails super shiny and your polish dries in like 90 seconds - it's nuts.  Give it alone or pair it with a cute polish and voila, you're good!

We use kitchen scissors more than any other item in our kitchen.  Seriously.  Trimming chicken, cutting kid food into bite size pieces, chopping salad, etc.  EVERY-THANG.  While we're not partial to any one kind of scissors  this two pack is $10 and has really good reviews.

Last, but not least -  my Oventure keyring is one of my most-used and most favorite items of all time.  I've given them as favorite things party gifts, teacher gifts, friend gifts, etc.  Pretty much if I know you and you don't have one I'm going to gift you one ;)  I know that there are less expensive versions but I can't speak to the quality of those and I love the oventure rings because the metal clasp is legit so hard to open which is a WONDERFUL thing when it's job is to hold your keys.  I have one of these for my school keys an done for my personal keys and they both still look new after years and years of use.  The silicone ones are my favorite and they're normally $25 but  this cute pink/purple print one is on sale for $20!

There you go!  I hope you found a good idea or two for someone on your list!  Happy Thursday and happy shopping, friends!!!

PS - this post contained affiliate links... thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog!


  1. These are all great gift ideas but I'm definitely ordering some of the Oventure key rings for gifts

  2. I couldn't even wait to finish reading to order the diva car scents:-) LOVE this laundry but have run out and can't justify the purchase again for a bit... so this will make perfect stocking stuffers for my daughters!


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