Thursday, February 10, 2022

Amazon Lately

Happy Thursday, friends!  Today I'm sharing what I've been priming lately!

I ordered  this cute Scout bag for a friend who loves large totes as much as I do ;)  These are great for hauling ALL THE THINGS but they fold up totally flat.  You can wipe them out and they weigh nothing.  LOVE!!!

 These cellophane bags arrived for ALL the Valentine treats...

... which this year are These stickers...

... and this set of Dallas Cowboys stickers .  Thankfully Mason and G both wanted to give out the same thing which makes me SUPER HAPPY!

I'm doing a geometry cityscape project with my PreAlgebra classes and needed a few supplies for my classes to use.  I ordered these black pens ...

... and this package of construction paper .  I'll keep you posted on how they turn out ;)

I grabbed this balloon arch that I'm going to put up in my classroom on Valentine's Day for no other reason other than fun ;)

I ordered this set of books for Griffin and they're SO CUTE!  She's LOVING them and you can't really ask for anything more than for your kids to love a book series!

Griffin has been VERY into Koala's lately thanks to Izzy's Koala World on Netflix and I grabbed her  this Barbie set for Valentine's Day...

... and I ordered  this mother/baby koala set to put away for her birthday (fingers crossed that she's still into koalas then! hahaha)

Happy Thursday, friends!!

PS - this post contained affiliate links... thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog!


  1. I love Scout totes! I'm also ordering the Click books right now too!!

  2. Great idea on the Barbie with koala, just ordered. My 9 yr old girl is obsessed with everything koala because of the show too.

  3. Your middle schoolers will love the balloon arch. They will all be wanting to come in to your room for pictures. You are an amazing teacher!!

  4. I always love and want the balloon arches, but I want the arches to come 'as pictured'. I do NOT want to assemble the arch... Sigh...hahaha


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