Thursday, November 19, 2020

Thanksgiving place card holders

 Last weekend the kids made the SWEETEST Thanksgiving place card holders! This would be an awesome activity if you have kids to entertain on Thanksgiving morning...

... aren't they so cute???

We went on a walk and gathered a bunch of different leaves.  We tried to find various colors and sizes.

When we got home we layered them and hot glued them together.  My kids love using hot glue and it made this project super quick.

AFter the leaves were glued and layered we glued a clothespin on top, hot glued googly eyes and a tiny beak and that was it!

Griffin cut out some little pieces of paper and wrote everyone's names on them...

... and that was it!  The original plan was to glue the clothespins a little higher up (so the leaves were a little closer to the table) but they didn't love that that covered up a lot of the leaves. 


I love that they're all a little different (Mason found a feather that he wanted to include on his) and they're going to look precious on the table at Thanksgiving.

If you're looking for something a little less involved click  HERE to check out my post from a few years ago with another easy name card project.

HAPPY THURSDAY, friends!!!


  1. Andrea these are so dang cute! We will definitely be making these-- I'll tag you when we make them!

  2. So creative!! We made the turkey place cards from a few years ago this week to give to family out of state. We use ours every year. Thank you so much! Any chance you might make Christmas tree ones this year? Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. SOOO cute!!! I'm totally going to have my 7 year old make these! Thank you!


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