Friday, March 6, 2020

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!!! It's EXTRA happy over here because we're officially on Spring Break as of 1:15 today!  Bring on the lazy days and sleeping in... well... after Griffin's EIGHT AM soccer game tomorrow morning! WHY THOUGH?!?!?!

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First up on my list is 3rd grade art ;)  The boys in 3rd grade are all drawing tons of pictures for each other - they each seem to have a specialty and they're "commissioning" each other  to draw pieces foe one another.  One of Mason's besties finished this piece before going out of town and he left it out for him so we had to run by their house to pick it up - SO AWESOME!

Some imaginative play involving broken bones is apparently a favorite :) hahaha

And I found a TON of our very FAVORITE shoes on sale for up to 60% off!!! Such a steal!  Sizes are limited but if you happen to get lucky in sizing they're such a bargain!

Griffin's class has been studying wind and her FAVORITE activity from the unit was when they covered a card in vaseline and hung them to the fence on the playground overnight.  The next day they took their cards down and got to see what the wind had carried to the card.

Third grade hosted Space Day this week and Mason's FAVORITE part was cheering on his team during the relay race...

... and G's was getting to be Pluto during the wagon orbit portion of the morning :) 

A Braum's stop is ALWAYS a FAVORITE...

... and so is a little afternoon adventure...

This week was one of my FAVORITE times of the year - the 8th grade trip!  We've been taking our 8th graders to Fort Davis in waaaaaay west Texas for the past four years (before that it was NASA in Houston) and it's such a fun time.  

We stop at Sonora Caverns on our way out there and getting to go 1/2 mile underground will never NOT be cool...

The weather was REALLY uncooperative this year (flash flooding, forecasted snow, tons of clouds at night) but we made the best of it and ended up making some really fun memories.   Our "star party" was rained out two nights in a row, but on Wednesday morning the skies were clear and so we woke up all the girls, huddled together on the porch of our cabin (it was just above freezing) and checked out what is probably the darkest skies and brightest stars we've ever seen on this trip which says A LOT.  We could see the milky way, several planets and thousands and thousands of stars (all without a telescope) and it was probably my favorite part of the whole trip.

Everyone's FAVORITE parts of the ranch??? The giant ranch dog who hangs out on our porches at night keeping critters away...

... and the horses :) 

Image may contain: 1 person, horse, hat and outdoor

It was SO COLD this time and  kept things simple with leggings, hoodies and this jacket - but I did wear  this oversized tie dyed tee on the way there (the caverns are warm so you have to be prepared for COLD outside and crazy humid and warm in the cave) and LOVED IT!  It's a really high crew neck which I love and was a great length to wear with leggings.

Another FAVORITE part of the trip was when our DVD player broke (tragic!) and instead the girls sang (one girl brought a ukulele with her) for HOURS.  

I know lots of y'all are on Spring Break next week and if you're local or thinking of heading this way here are a few of my FAVORITE Spring Break day trips...

Day trip to Eisenhower State Park  HERE

Dallas Museum of art day trip  HERE...

Spring Break 2018 Road Trip Part I  HERE...

Spring Break Road Trip 2018 Part II  HERE...

Spring Break Road Trip Part 3  HERE...

Ft. Worth zoo, stockyards and Joe T's  HERE...

And my most FAVORITE of FAVORITES of the week... this right here...

HAPPY Friday and HAPPY Spring Break, friends!!!

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  1. Thanks for the day trip suggestions! We've done the Art Museum, Stockyards, Perot, Joe T's, and the Zoo but I just added Eisenhower State Park to my running list of ideas. Happy Spring Break to you and your crew!

  2. Have so much fun on Spring Break! My kids still have another week of school before theirs!

  3. Happy spring break!! I hope you enjoy your week off with your kiddos and get to relax and recharge!

  4. My son's 8th grade trip is coming up in May. I think he will have lots of fun!

  5. What a fun week; that cave looks amazing. I hope you have a wonderful spring break.

  6. Love the wind and vaseline idea! I want to try it with my class!


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