Monday, March 9, 2020

Weekend Top 10

Happy Monday, friends!  We kicked off Spring Break this weekend with lots of family and friend time and it was GLORIOUS!

Friday was "kite day" at school and I feel like this was the best year yet!  The weather was great and the wind was perfect for kite-flying.  Each elementary grade level has a designated time slot where they fly their kites, get a snow cone and hang out.  Lots of parents come and it's just a simple, fun morning.

Look how high she got her kite!

School got out at 1:15 on Friday and I was so tempted to just throw everything n a bag and GET OUT OF THERE but I powered through, got my report cards done, prepped all my lessons and materials for the week we get back AND made my lesson plans for the REST OF THE SCHOOL YEAR!  We didn't leave until almost 5:00 but it was worth it!  And we celebrated with a stop for ice cream on the way home.  

Saturday morning Griffin had her first soccer game of the season and I'm not sure who had more fun - her on the field or us watching her play.

We started a 2000-piece puzzle this weekend and the plan is to finish it up this week - wish us luck!

Saturday afternoon Mason and I had to run a couple of errands and he couldn't get over the size of the shoes at Marshalls :)  There must hav been some sort of surplus on size 13 and over because there were a TON of them there and now he's crossing his fingers that one day he'll wear shoes that big.

The main stop on our trip was to Hobby Lobby to get supplies for a diorama he's working on for school and it was his first time at the fabric counter - taking it all in!

Aside from the errands we spent the whole day outside on Saturday.  There was trampoline jumping and football throwing and soccer practicing and even some reading time in the sunshine.  It was GLORIOUS....

... and at the end of the day we all had the sunkissed cheeks to prove it.

Saturday night Mason had a football game and his cheering squad was there and ready...

... he had a great game but his favorite part was a Whataburger run with friends on the way home :) 

Sunday morning besties - find your people and hold them TIGHT!!!

Sunday afternoon Mason had his bestie over for the afternoon - he was skiing last week and a week is apparently too long for these two to go without seeing each other!

We ended the weekend at a friends house for dinner, baseball and porch hangs and it was PERFECTION!   These two cuties didn't show up in matching sweaters but as soon as they realized they both had the same one they made it happen :)

HAPPY Monday, friends!!!


  1. So cute! I love their matching sweaters and also the "kite day" at school. What a fun activity.

    1. It's a really sweet day that the kids absolutely love!

    2. Do the students bring their own kites or does the school provide them?

  2. I was eyeing those size 13 with interest because our youngest, age 14, is nearly 6 feet and wears a size 12 already! lol
    Enjoy your spring break!!

    1. Girl! If you're local they were all marked WAAAAAY down! May be worth stocking up!

  3. Girl. Your lesson plans finished for the entire year???? I'm speechless.

  4. My husband wears a 13 and can never find shoes in his size. Lol. To bad we aren't local. Where is griffins sweater from?! Can you link it? My girl would love it.

  5. Looks like a great weekend! Enjoy your spring break!


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