Monday, April 2, 2018

Happy Birthday, Luke!

 Well, y'all.  Despite my best efforts to convince him to stay 9 - Luke went ahead and turned ten yesterday.  I didn't expect ten to hit me as hard as it has but double digits have smacked me right in the face with a WHOLE lot of reality checks (like we've had more than half of our years at home with him and we only have three years until he's a teenager). 

The plus side is that he's growing up into the sweetest, kindest, smartest young man.  He's inquisitive and tender-hearted, willing to try new things and has an awesome sense of humor.  He's a great friend, a wonderful big brother and STILL humors his mom with hugs :)

Luke-man, we love you to Maine and back!!!  Happy DOUBLE DIGITS!!!

And here are some pictures of Luke over the last year - because mama couldn't handle going too far past this without bawling her eyes out :) 


  1. Happy birthday to your baby boy Luke! Hope his day is filled with joy, laughter, and love!

  2. Happy birthday to your oldest! I love the picture of him at the football game - such a great capture.

  3. Happy Birthday to Luke!! I hope he has an amazing day!!

  4. Luke is so very handsome! Happy Birthday big guy!!

  5. Happy double digits Luke!
    Get that baseball bat ready now Mama... the girls are going to be lining up for that cutie!

  6. Happy Birthday to Luke! His party looked amazing, I hope you all had so much fun:).


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