Thursday, March 29, 2018

Master Bedroom Refresh

I feel like this post has been MONTHS in the making.  MONTHS!  It started over Christmas break when I decided to paint our master bedroom because the walls were dirty and banged up and just in dire need of a change.  Our master bedroom is one of the areas in our house that we really hadn't put much thought into when we moved so we decided it was time for a bit of a makeover and we're so glad we finally put the time and effort into making it a space we really love.

The first thing we had to do was pick a paint color.  I'm pretty decisive when it comes to color and so I picked a color, painted half the room and HATED IT!  Thus ensued a whoooooole lot of paint drama.  I finally settled on and fell in LOVE with  Rococo Beige by Behr and it's the perfect creamy light and bright beige.


Here's what the room looked like before our little makeover...

... and here's what it looks like now!

I'm always amazed at what fresh paint can do, right?!?!?!  We talked about getting new furniture, but ultimately decided that we were fine with the set that we have and just tried to work with it.

The sconces were something I didn't want to move so I switched out the gold shades with  these and LOVE the updated look.  

I found the gold glass frames at Homegoods, but  these are similar and the geode coaster you can find  HERE.

The bedding decision was a hard one for me.  I loved the idea of a while duvet cover... but honestly it just kind of scared me when it came to keeping it clean.  We opted for  this duvet cover and matching shams and then I added  these euro shams as well because I loved the black stripe and tie detail.


Our favorite sheets are actually from Amazon and are under $25.  They're so soft and they breathe well which is awesome.

I got the room all put together and while it was really light and airy feeling it was just SOOOO neutral.  I searched high and low for accent pillows.... I didn't want floral, wasn't loving paisleys and nothing was giving me the playful but still kind of adult feel I was looking for until I found this beauty.

It was the perfect little pop that we needed to counteract #alltheneutral without being too much.

When I shared our bedroom last year this window area looked like this...

... and now it looks like this!

I switched out the brown silk panels that the previous owners had up with  these white panels.  They're pretty sheer, but I wasn't looking for anything light blocking and they give the airy feel we wanted.

We sold the couch we had in front of the windows and switched it out for  these chairs and this table.  The table I had actually ordered a long time ago for our living room, but it came in broken (and the scale was off as well) but my dad was able to repair it and it works perfectly in here!

The throw and  extra pillow coordinates with the pillow on the bed and again, the pop of color is my favorite.

So let's talk about  the chairs for a minute.  They look great, they were relatively inexpensive and the quality is on point BUUUT they're not super comfy.  If you're looking for some good looking, pretty chairs for a living room or sitting area in a bedroom, etc. these are the chairs for you... if you're looking for chairs for your main family room to curl up in and watch a movie then I'd keep looking.  I hope I don't sound harsh - but I wanted to make sure that y'all knew in case you wanted to order them for yourselves.

The rug in here is actually two pieces of remnant carpet - I'd love to find something else, but for now it works :)

I found this bench on a facebook sale group for $35 (#praisehands) and while Im not sure if it will live her permanently it was too good of a deal to pass up and the kids have thoroughly enjoyed using it to launch themselves onto our bed in the morning :)  This is the same one in a larger size to help in your search.  The starburst mirror was an Amazon find and was actually super easy to hang up.

The pillow is from Anthropologie and you know that I have a soft spot for the mustard color.

I HATE this tall dresser and would LOVE to have a really long, fun piece of furniture like this one over here but for now it's working fine.  The coat rack I found on a daily deal site last year and I'll keep looking and if I ever see one pop up again I'll let you know.

And here was our bedroom earlier...

... and lighter and brighter :) 

I found the lamps and mirror at Homegoods (they're leaded and so pretty in person) and I realize that that's so unhelpful - sorry!  It's the same size as  this mirror if that helps at all.

So there you go!  I hope you enjoyed the long-awaited tour and if you chimed in on instastories during my paint saga or bedding selection know that I appreciated your input and feedback!  Happy Thursday, friends!

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  1. Andrea!!! Your master looks gorgeous!!!

  2. Your room looks so beautiful!!! I think my favorite change was switching out the dark panels for white ones- so light and airy and serene! I chuckled when I read the part about the chairs- we had a rocker for after our baby was born and I LOVED the look of that chair...but it was not built for tall people and we just didn't fit in it right. Now we have an ugly recliner but it feels sooo much better for those long nights.

    Your dresser area looks really pretty as well- I just love the picture with the windows in the mirror's reflection! :)

  3. Oh my goodness! It looks fantastic, Andrea!!!

  4. It looks AMAZING! Those pillows! Those shams! That throw!!! It's cozy and perfect!

  5. I love the updates!!! It looks so relaxing and inviting :) that pillow is really cool!

  6. Beautiful!!! So fresh and airy.

  7. Wow! What an awesome transformation. It looks so inviting, cozy, bright and beautiful!

  8. So grateful you addressed the chairs. I'm looking for something very comfy-cozy for our living room, and these had me thinking. Appreciate your review, as that helps me make my decision.

  9. I love your sconces. May I ask where you got them?

  10. Beautiful! I love that you re-used quite a bit of what you had and the pops of color are spot on!

  11. I love your sconces. May I ask where you got them?

  12. I love it! It's cozy and inviting, just like the rest of your home:).

  13. It looks gorgeous friend! I love the pops of color you added. You can turn anything into a cozy space.

  14. Love the entire look! The pillow is gorg! And I especially love that round mirror!

  15. Love the light, bright look you achieved in here. The paint color really makes all the difference. We repainted our whole house in a similar shade when we reconstructed after Hurricane Harvey. (Our color is called Water Chestnut by SW...discontinued but they will mix it.) You created a beautiful, serene space!

  16. It looks beautiful! I have decided that you are the "Queen of Cozy"! Everything about your house just screams cozy and I love it!!

    1. Agree! Time to change the title of your blog :)

  17. Wow!! I love the bedroom transformation! I also love and appreciate that not everything in the room is new. I think often times bloggers re-do a room and everything is brand new- that's not realistic! Thanks for keeping it real- looks GREAT!

  18. Looks great! Can you share any info about the art on the wall beside the bed?

  19. Your bedroom looks straight out of a magazine!! #allthehearteyes <3

  20. Love it! You could always paint the furniture too.

  21. Looks so cozy and beautiful yet simple. Love the look and feel! I know you are glad to mark that one off the list.

  22. Your bedroom looks like a dream!!! I can't wait until we can redo ours!

  23. Could not love this more!! I wish we got more sunlight in our bedroom! We have a whole wall of windows but the sun goes directly over our house from side to we never get any good sunlight. It drives me crazy and is something I will be looking for in our next house! That Inspired Chick

  24. Love this re-fresh- it seems you two approached it practically and didn't spend an arm and a leg all at once. It definitely seems to suit your style.


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