Tuesday, May 21, 2024

San Diego Posts in one place

Last year I wrote a post recapping our Summer 2022 trip to NYC and lots of y'all have since written to tell me how helpful you found the post and so today I decided to to the same thing for our California trip last summer.  It was SUCH a great trip 

Click HERE for part 1 where I talked about the logistics of getting there, our thoughts on the airport and traffic (OH MY WORD!!!).  I've heard from others since posting that we should have flown into John Wayne and in hindsight that would FOR SURE be something we'd consider if we were going to Anaheim again and not straight to San Deigo.

In this post I talked about our day at Disneyland.  Where we stayed, how we did both parks in one day and how we OFFICIALLY believe in the Disney magic after being pretty openly vocal about not believing in it. hahaha

In my third post I shared about our trip from Anaheim to San Diego including our stop at Seal Beach and then the rental info for what is possibly the BEST VRBO find of all time.

Just pulling these pictures for this post has me dying to be back on that porch because the view was seriously UNREAL.

Sleeping with the windows open and listening to the ocean all night is a core memory for me.  I'd be perfectly content to head back to this house and literally not leave for a week.

In part four I talked about our day on Coronado including what I wish we'd done differently...

... and thus began the daily tradition of leaving wherever we were to head home for the sunset.

Part five was the day we explored  the tide pools outside our beach house and headed to the USS Midway.  It was way cooler than I anticipated and was for sure a highlight for all of us.  It's really hard to understand the scale of it without being on the ship - it's really crazy and cool.

In part six (I know - it's a lot of parts)... we did a harbor tour, discovered our favorite pizza and walked to the Ocean Beach farmer's market....

In this post we hit up the San Diego zoo to see the koalas...

And I shared the details about getting to the "secret beach" that we could see from the house.

In the last and final post I talked about our trip to Sea World (spoiler alert - I still have mixed feelings about it), our last night and our trip for chocolate sourdough bread.  Yes... chocolate sourdough.

In case the plethora of posts didn't clue you in WE LOVED SAN DIEGO!!! We'd go back in a heartbeat.  If you have any questions please let me know!!!

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