Monday, February 26, 2024

Seven Questions

I mean - what 5th grade girl isn't?!?! hahaha

It's for sure a "thing" amongst her friends and classmates and while I'm not sure you'll catch us at a concert any time soon she's living her best Swiftie life for now ;)

I feel like I have the same goals every single year ;) 
- More reading
- Less screens
- More fresh air
- Less caring what other people think

He has definitely "settled in" after the initial weirdness ;) It's been fun to get to know him as a student (spoiler alert - kids are often way different students than they are "kids" at home if that makes sense) and I think it's been fun for him (and his friends) to get to see a different side of me as well.  

He calls me "mom" in class WAY more than Luke did and most days will give me a little side hug on his way out.

Dave is the New Home Sales Advisor for Bluehaven Homes in Lavon, TX.  I'm pretty sure that this question came up because I've been sharing some of the reels he's been in on his company's instagram...

... Dave is the best sport and whenever these pop up on my feed I crack up.  

Pretty much - if you are interested in a new home he serves almost as the "realtor" for the builder.  He walks people through the building process from "just looking" to handing over the keys.  It's obviously a lot different than his role at the country club BUT is similar in that it's customer service oriented which he's really great at.  

Monday - I have a girls dinner so Dave and the kids are on their own ;) hahaha  We had this on Sunday night so my guess is they'll have leftovers

Wednesday - Meaty Mac

Thursday - Birthday dinner out with Dave's family

The kids are my favorite part and being able to help make math approachable and accessible and help set them up for success in high school math is the best.  I love seeing those little "lightbulb" moments happen and getting to watch the kids grow and mature throughout the year.  My least favorite part is some of the behind the scenes administrative stuff - like curriculum and other administrative things. BLAH.

I LOVE a podcast or an audiobook.  If I'm solo I love Crime Junkie, My Favorite Murder, Morbid, etc.  Other favorite podcasts are S Town and Dr. Death.  I love having multiple episodes to listen to in a row. When Luke and I were traveling for track and driving all over kingdom come we listened to John Grisham's The Firm and The Exchange on Audible.

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