Wednesday, November 29, 2023

What's Up Wednesday

                Today I'm linking up with  Shay and  Sheaffer to talk a little bit about what's been going on around here!

Mini pumpkin cream pies!!! I made a double batch this weekend and have been giving them to teachers, friends, etc. and enjoying them as well.  IF you've never made them they're a MUST!

North Pole breakfasts of the past!  We were talking about different themes that we've had and I was looking up pictures and LOOK HOW FUN!

I needed a new cutting board and I grabbed this one on Amazon.  It's large and in charge and I love it so much!  I broke it in on Thanksgiving and loved the large work space

All. The. Thanksgivings!

We celebrated with Dave's family on Friday and these are the two pictures I have. hahahaha

It's not my bill but these people HAE to be dreading their electric bill. hahaha

It's our very favorite house to go visit and if you're local you've got to check it out!

Christmas shopping!  Anyone else struggling with their teen boys?  I grabbed  this speaker for Luke a while ago and think he'll be really excited about it. 

My phone background!  CAN YOU EVEN?!?!?!

I just got a pair of the Ugg ultra minis and I AM OBSESSED!!!  They're so comfy and I love the shorter length. 


We have a skate party, two basketball games, a robotics competition, dance show rehearsal and headshot day, family pictures and we're going to see the Gift of Christmas at Prestonwood.  ITS A LOT but it's all fun stuff ;)

Time with family!  I'm SO READY for Christmas break and am really looking forward to some slooooow days at home. 

Our Christmas decor is up and it's making me SO HAPPY!!! Last Monday we decorated the big tree together and each of the kids got a new ornament.  G's was a mama and baby koala since we saw a mama and baby koala at the San Diego zoo this summer...

... Luke's is a ref shirt since he got his first job reffing...

... and Mason got a ribbon for his cross country team's first place state win!

HAPPY Wednesday, friends!

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  1. Andrea, how have I not been to that house?! THEY ARE #GOALS!!!

  2. Love all this!! This time of year makes me so happy! Thank you for sharing that you just bought the mini Uggs. I was trying to determine if they were still on trend. Well, you convinced me. I'm ordering! ;)

  3. I read the Senator's Wife and it is so good and great suspense too.


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