Monday, December 3, 2018

North Pole Breakfast 2018

We kicked off December right this year with the return of our elf, Buddy and a North Pole Breakfast.  We started this tradition when I was pregnant with Griffin (the boys were 4 and 1) and the magic is yet to have worn off.

This year I decided kind of last minute to mix things up and add color to the mix... forgoing our regular red and green.  I found some super cute plates at Homegoods and was inspired by those and all of the bottle brush trees we've collected over the years for the playroom.

A few little picks in some donuts, pigs in a blanket...

... and lots and lots of trees :)

And here are the plates that inspired the switch...

... so fun, right?!?!  The poppers are Meri Meri party and had a little paper crown, Christmas joke and small toy inside.  

Yogurt with sprinkles and strawberries rounded out the meal :)

The kids come straight to our room pretty much every morning and this morning was no exception.  the lights were off in the kitchen and it was still pretty dark so they didn't notice anything happening in the kitchen.  Dave and I got up and acted surprised and told them that Buddy was back and had left a few instructions for him and I to finish getting things ready and so they hung out and watched a show while we baked the pigs in a blanket (we prepped them the night before) and set out all of the food.  Keep in mind that Luke knows the truth about the elf on the shelf but didn't know that this breakfast was happening on this day or that I had used all the trees from the game room...

Look at those faces :) 

They all quickly changed and then breakfast began...

Buddy left a note for the kids...

The note mentioned that Buddy brought the kids a special gift to help keep their focus on the reason for the season...

... and it was a set of these beautiful advent cards from Crew and Co and coordinate with the Jesus Storybook Bible. 

Pausing for a picture...

... reading the jokes from the poppers...

... and having a great time.

Buddy also brings each kid a special ornament...

The kids each opened up a present (Buddy shops at Costco - hahaha)

After breakfast we hung our ornaments on the tree...

And spent the rest of the day in our new jammies.

It's seriously one of my very favorite traditions and I think my kids look forward to it alllllmost as much as Christmas itself.  I say this every year, but a North Pole breakfast does NOT have to be fancy.  I love decorating and making it really special - but if that's not your thing then don't worry about it!  It's more about starting the season off in a fun way with your family and you'd be surprised how far a few powdered sugar donuts go in the eyes of your kids :)

If you're curious, here are the posts from our previous breakfasts...

Happy Monday, friends!!!


  1. We usually have our breakfast his first morning back but unfortunately our Saturday was booked with an early start and nonstop day ,but rather than wait a whole extra weekend to do it...
    He arrived Saturday morning and was in our tree he left a little note that he was tired from being “ back on duty” but that he’d have a special surprise on Sunday
    True to his word , the boys were surprised with a North Pole Breakfast yesterday morning 😃
    They were thrilled!
    I couldn’t agree more that is such a fun & magical tradition no matter how you go about putting it on .:-)

  2. What a fun breakfast!!!

  3. Is it weird I look forward to this post every year? So cute and I especially love the cute plates. Such fun memories you are making with your kiddos.

  4. the wooden ornaments where did they come from, they are wonderful, Always love your posts

  5. Hi Andrea, I look forward to this post, too! You make everything so festive and special, it's heartwarming to see. I stopped in my tracks at your light fixture-- could you please share where you got it? We want to switch out our lighting, and I just love yours! Thanks so much!!

  6. I want to come back in my next life as your I love all of the fun things you do for the them to make special memories. Now that my 2 kids are a little older I miss those fun things.

  7. The reason the magic hasn't worn off is because YOU make it so magical! The look of delight on their faces is priceless:).

  8. I love everything about this! When you originally bought the football jersey ornament and shared the link, I went and bought wrestling ornaments from the same person! They are really nice and my boys love the, always, I appreciate you giving out the sources!

  9. I love how you go all out on this. It looks so magical and cheery!

  10. The bottle brush trees are just incredible....I love the colors....great job.

  11. I love seeing the creative ways you make things special for your kids! They will treasure these memories forever!!

  12. I love the advent cards! Just ordered, thank you!

  13. A great idea is to serve some sweet milk or eggnog and say that it's milk from the North Pole!

  14. This is just so heartwarming! You are so creative and such an amazing mom! I can’t wait to do this when my kids get a little older :)

  15. You inspired me to do a North Pole breakfast for my kids 5 years ago and we are still going strong. We all look forward to it so much! It's my favorite way to kick off the Christmas season. We added in unicorns and sparkle this year :)

  16. This is so awesome! If only I had just a quarter of your party planning/decorating/creative skills!

  17. Seriously look forward to this post all year. I even sent your blog to one of my coworkers just so she could see the North Pole breakfast posts--ha! (And then I was like, now go obsess over everything else she does.) I say it ever year when I comment on your posts, but I can't wait to adopt these same traditions with my kids. They're going to get the McAnally kids experience :)

  18. What a fun tradition to have with the kids! Love the looks on their faces.


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