Tuesday, November 29, 2022

North Pole Breakfast 2022

Well - the happiest morning of the year at our house has happened and it was a little EXTRA happy this year ;) Griffin asked Buddy last year if he could bring a girl elf back with him this year and I HAD to oblige since this will probably be my last year to have a kid who actually believes.  So Buddy arrived last   Friday morning and brought his little sister, Trixie!


When I was thinking about how I wanted the breakfast to look this year I knew I wanted to use my collection of Papa Noel mugs and plates and so the pink/mint color scheme was born out of that.  

There are other Santa mugs out there but I stand by the opinion that none are cuter than these.

When I found the pastel stripe wrapping paper at Homegoods for FIVE DOLLARS!!! it sealed the deal.  They were sheets and not a roll which wasn't ideal but it was precious nonetheless.

I wasn't planning on using our paper houses, but at almost-midnight when I was setting the table and it was trying to figure out how to add some height it struck me that we had all these houses in the right colors and so Dave and I snuck up to G's room and picked the ones we wanted and I'm so glad we did!

I've collected the houses over the past few years and have picked them up at Kohls and then, most recently, at Anthropologie.

I keep a big ol' stock of ornaments and bottle brush trees from the various themes that I've done over the years and this year I just pulled from that to add to my garland.

These glass iridescent ornaments from Hobby Lobby are my FAVORITES and I love using them any time I can.

We've been doing a North Pole breakfast for eleven years now and the elf has always brought the kids each an ornament and then some other little surprise.  The past few years it's been advent calendars, but this year when I couldn't find any advent calendars that I thought the kids would like (or that were worth the $$) I decided to give them each a little note with cash for a fun little treat (i.e. ice cream one night at our favorite place, chick-fil-a before school, etc.)

I still wrapped them up though ;). The wrapping paper is old and the ribbon and little initial stickers I grabbed at Hobby Lobby.

The one food item that's stuck through all the years are the little powdered sugar and chocolate donuts.

For place settings I used a piece of glittery scrapbook paper, our regular white plates,  these napkins, these glasses and  these santa plates.

I also used  these juice glasses...

... and used my collection of mugs as well.

The little potted trees are cupcakes and cashmere and I found them at Homegoods...

There was a note left out for the kids introducing  the new elf, Trixie...

As far as logistics go now that our kids have gotten older...
- Griffin woke up well before the food was ready.  We leave all the food together in the fridge and on the counter and tell her that Buddy leaves it for us to put together.  All of mine have believed this over the years ;)

- None of mine have ever questioned where things come from... at one point years ago Mason saw my box of goodies in the attic and I said it was from a party and Buddy must have gotten into my box to do the breakfast.  The little trees I used have been in my bedroom and the paper houses have been in G's room and we just say that the elves bring some things but use what we have to set it all up as well. 

CUTIES!!!  I love how the boys totally play along for their sister.

After everyone was up and the casserole was ready they all came into the kitchen.  

Checking out all the details ;)

NEW cozies ;) (click here to shop!)

Ornaments were up first...

... and they're always excited to see what new ornament they have to hang on the tree.  Typically it represents something they're currently loving, an activity they're in, etc.

G's was a koala but I missed grabbing a pic...

... but happy to say she LOVED the earrings!

Seriously one of my favorite mornings of the year... I love the magic, I love the festivity of it all and I LOVE getting to flex my creative muscles a bit in pulling it all together.  I have no doubt that even after none of mine believe anymore I'll still do this special breakfast for them ;)  

Last, NOTHING puts a bigger smile on my fave than hearing about how many of y'all have started North Pole Breakfasts with your families.  We started ours when I was pregnant with Griffin and it's one of our longest-standing traditions.  It makes my heart so happy that lots of y'all are making similar memories with your families.  

HAPPY Tuesday, friends!!!

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  1. I wish I could bottle this up! It's all so sweet and creative.

  2. I love the colors you chose this year! It looks so magical!

  3. I started ours after seeing your ideas and my boys LOVE it. In fact, my oldest (4th grade now) asked me yesterday if we were going to have our special breakfast on December 1st. I think I am going to surprise them and do it tomorrow, since he's already expecting it! :) Thanks for sharing your sweet family and wonderful ideas for creating special memories! Praying you and your family have a sweet month of celebrating our Savior's birth!


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