Thursday, August 10, 2023

Costco Faves - Part One


I get asked often to share my Costco hauls and thought it would be fun to share some of my top picks - I realized quickly I had like 30 items to share so I decided to break it down and will be sharing over the next month or so ;) 

First up - the sweet kale salad.  This has been a staple item for years and it's great just as it is but it's also delicious with chicken (I like the skewers below) some extra feta, bacon, and additional craisins.  SO GOOD!

These chicken skewers are a recent find and I've bought them pretty much weekly since.  We heat them in the oven and they're delicious solo, in wraps, or in salads (see above).

These have been another staple in our house for several years.  They're the "easy button" for dinner - we pop them in and serve them with a salad or pasta side and they're something everyone eats.  

The croissants at Costco seriously can't be beat.  If the boys have friends sleep over they're my go-to for breakfast - they're great with butter and jelly, but also delicious filled with scrambled eggs and cheese.  They're great with deli meat and cheese for lunch and perfect with just butter as a bread with dinner.  The price can't be beat and they're DELISH!

Apparently I'm just sharing bread and cheese today ;). But these salami and cheese snack packs are super hearty and are Luke's very favorite school "snack".  I've honestly taken them as a lunch in a pinch with some fruit and pistachios.  

Back to bread... this take and bake sourdough is the best store bought sourdough ever.  You warm the loaf up in the oven for about 15 minutes just directly on the rack and it comes out perfect every time.  During the summer I'd make a loaf in the morning to have a piece warm with jelly and then we'd use the rest for sandwiches for lunch.  

If you're a boursin cheese fan (or haven't tried it before and want to) you can't beat buying them at Costco.  The garlic and herb is our favorite (this is the one we mix in with the Trader Joe's red pepper tomato soup)

These eggs are on my weekly order...

... and so is this giant bag of skinny pop.

Our Costco hasn't had this fried pickle and ranch dip in a while BUT if you can find it at yours TRUST ME - you need it. 

Last, but not least - another bread ;) hahaha. The King's Hawaiian rolls are $7 for 32 rolls and my favorite way to use them is to slice the entire "loaf" in half, layer with meat and cheese and put back in the bag for lunch on the go for a crowd. We also love using them for  these chicken parm sliders.

Hoping you found a few things to try out and I'll be back sharing a few more Costco faves in a week or so!


  1. Costco never disappoints. We are loving the s'mores mix now that its back in store - perfect sweet treat!

  2. I haven't been to Costco in a sweet forever. I need to get there STAT!

  3. Thanks for posting! We just got a Costco membership and I am loving trying all of these new things!

  4. I got the orange chicken you recommended from Costco (on a previous post) and my family LOVES it. Such a great easy weeknight meal when you don't have time to cook.


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