Thursday, December 29, 2022

Top Posts 2022

As we get ready to wrap up 2022 I thought it would be fun to share my most popular posts of the year! 

This Easy Weeknight Dinners post was a huge hit and for good reason... I feel like we're all just searching for good, easy meals to make our families and the number of views on this post confirms that!

My annual Classroom Tour post was another of  my most-viewed posts...

... and  my day in the life posts were also some of the most popular.

My NYC Posts recapping our summer trip were up there on the list...

... which made me SO HAPPY since lots of y'all have told me how helpful they were in planning your own trips!

The recipe post for my Go-To-Cupcakes...

... as well as this Blueberry Muffins post were both in my top posts.

My post recapping the Big Bend camping trip I went on for school was popular (I'm pretty sure everyone just wanted to hear about me sleeping in a tent and not being able to shower the whole trip - hahaha)

And last, but not least... lots of you read my post about  Luke's Lego Shelves which means I'm not alone in the motherly struggle to manage giant lego sets ;)

I also want to say THANK YOU for reading my blog - from the bottom of my heart - I've been doing this for a LONG TIME and it never ceases to amaze me just how many of you take time out of your days to pop in over hear and see what I have to say.  

If you had a favorite post from this past year or a suggestion of things you'd like to see more of in 2023 Id love it if you'd leave it in the comments.  

HAPPY Thursday, friends!!!


  1. I agree!! I love your Amazon Lately posts, book recaps, and Day in the Life. As a former MS math teacher I always enjoy hearing about what is going on in that world and how you are navigating it. You make me miss the classroom SO MUCH. Love watching your kids grow here and thank you for all the ideas/recipes you pass along :)


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