Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Luke's Lego Shelves

Luke has been a Lego fan since, I believe, his 4th birthday.  While I thought some of his interest may wane over the years instead it's actually grown and now he's very much into collecting these super large and super detailed sets.  The dilemma???  WHERE TO PUT THEM ALL!!!  Over Christmas break we decided just to pull the trigger on what we consider the mother of all Lego storage systems and it has been the best decision EVER for Luke's room...

... but first let's look back on what we've done in the past...

He had this storage piece at the end of his bed for years...

... this next to his previous desk...

... and these shelves and console table when we first moved in.  It worked really well when his sets were small.

When he got a bigger bed a few years ago we moved the storage pieces out and added a few extra shelves.  The "problems" really started here when he started saving all his money for XL sets and he'd build them and then have nowhere to put them.  It got a point where they were literally covering every surface in his room - hahaha. 

Over break I spent FOREVER trying to find some sort of storage solution that had shelves that were 2 feet deep since several of his sets were that wide at the base.  I looked for wall shelves, shelving units, furniture pieces, etc and aside from having something custom built in we were left with  "muscle racks" you'd typically find in garages and storage rooms.  We went back and forth, debated and debated some more but ultimately Luke decided that these were going to be the perfect solution so we bit the bullet and they're FANTASTIC!!!

Each shelving unit is 4 feet wide, 2 feet deep and 6 feet tall and every single set fits with tons of room left over. 

We still need to do some wall repair and I'd love to move the shelves over the desk but he loves it just the way it is so I'm thinking it will probably stay this way :)

We have some really big (but shallow) plastic storage boxes that slide under his bed for loose pieces and have a few of those stored in the attic off of Mason's room that they pull out when they're building stuff but other than that everything is on the shelves.  PRAISE HANDS!!!

We moved one of his side table/night stands to the other side of his room...

... and updated his bedding as well and he couldn't be prouder of his space.

So... there you have it!

Is it aesthetic? No.
Is it too large for the room? Absolutely.
Does it Make him SUPER happy to have all of his sets on display? 1000%

If you have any questions - ask away!  If you have a Lego collector at your house I hope you found this post helpful!

HAPPY Wednesday, friends!!!

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  1. That is impressive. We actually have lego items in our 4H fair. I will have to show this to my one grandson when he comes over......

  2. Where are the white shelves with the black brackets from? love the look of the room!

  3. I would love information on the white striped bedding! This room is awesome and I feel you from mama to a lego loving child to another. ;)

  4. 1. Good job, Momma, for caring and respecting Luke as a person instead of shutting down his hobby bc it's "too much." 2. Is he mostly about building for him? And the shelves now are almost like a trophy case of accomplishments? My girls love their sets, but they mostly play with them after. We are having a TIME with keeping it all organized. I want it to be reasonable for how they play and they wouldn't be able to reach tall shelves. Just curious if your creative mind has ideas for display/play both for smaller sets (we do have some Harry Potter but lots of Lego Friends houses/buildings). 3. Thank you for sharing your family with us. Y'all are so special and great!

  5. This is unrelated to the legos, but what covers the glass "aquarium" that the heat lamps sit on? My daughter has a map turtle that has a similar "aquarium", but no heat lamps. Heat lamps would be perfect in the winter!

  6. I love seeing rooms reflect the occupants- that is what home should be! I am sure he is so proud of his space and lego displays.

  7. Love it!! Saw this on Tik Tok & made me think of you guys haha! Bet this will be Luke's future basement one day ;)

  8. Do you have links to your old white storage shelves with the drawers? I've got a 5 yr old so we're at that stage of needed storage solutions :)

  9. I think his room is just perfect. Great job Andrea! My children are grown.. the time for aesthetic will come soon enough.


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