Friday, December 30, 2022

Friday Favorites

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Can you even believe that this is the last Friday of 2022?!?! I couldn't let it pass by without a FAVORITES so here we go!

Last week we went to see A Christmas Carol in Dallas and it was INCREDIBLE and one of my FAVORITE parts of the whole Christmas season.  I took Mason to see it back in 2019, then in 2020 it wasn't put on and then last year we had tickets but had to cancel last minute and so we were SO GLAD that it was back up and fully open since Mason and have had 3 years to hype it up ;)

Griffin got a digital camera for Christmas and it's a real shame Mason hates to have his picture taken ;)

The theater is small and the theater and set are SO COOL!  This year the music was absolutely incredible (they had actors playing the instruments as part of the show - so neat!) as well.

After the show they did a little "after hours" 10-minute talk with some of the actors which was such a cool way to end the night.

On our way out we happened to see one of the actresses (she played Young Marley and Griffin had mentioned after the show how much she loved her) and she was so sweet to take a pic with G.  Ended the night on an absolute high note!


Mason's FAVORITE this week was getting back out on the basketball court for a lesson - but this week his best buddy joined him and made it that much better!

I think I'm literally the last person in America to jump on the air fryer train but I got one for Christmas and I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! How on earth did we survive without it?!?!  This is the one I got and I have absolutely zero complaints.  If you have a great air fryer tip/recipe I'd love it!

Another FAVORITE part of break has been getting to do puzzles!  I love doing puzzles and the extended time off is the perfect time to do them.  We have a few Christmas puzzles in our collection that we've been working through...

A trip to Scheels is always a FAVORITE... and can you even go without stopping to take a Cowboys pic???

And we saw our FAVORITE McKinney PD officer! He's one of our school officers and he recognized my kids and it absolutely made their day!

Another FAVE is racing ;) hahaha 

We celebrated Christmas with some of our FAVORITE people at Stephen (Dave's brother) and Cynthia's new GORGEOUS home.  Seriously - so pretty!

Griffin got  a digital camera which may have bene her FAVORITE gift of Christmas!

Dave's mom gave Luke all the ingredients to make banana pudding... but inside each ingredient was cash.  It was a super cute and fun idea.

Mason got cash as well... but his was in a box of chocolates where she'd taken some of the candies out and replaced them with money.  Both gifts were SO fun and creative and if you're ever looking for a cute way to gift cash add these to your ideas list!

One of my FAVORITE parts of Christmas is getting to make some special recipes that we only make once a year.  Shay's cranberry orange bundt cake...

... and my moms shortbread cookies are a couple.  My parents got this food processor for their wedding (40-something years ago) and I use it yearly and love it so much!

A trip to a couple of my FAVORITE downtown McKinney stores for some treasures this week was a highlight...

... and  G's new karaoke machine is everyone's FAVORITE (including Mason and his bestie!)

Legos are Luke's FAVORITE and he's starting buying light kits for some of his favorite sets and YOU GUYS!!!  

Isn't that the coolest?!?!  This is the kit he got for the Ecto 1 and we highly recommend BUT keep in mind it took him FOREVER and was "fiddly" for lack of a better word.   I wouldn't recommend for a younger kid unless you have an adult who can install it.  On the plus side - if you have someone who can build a lego set in no time at all it adds a level of complexity to the build!

Whew! That was a lot of FAVORITES!  This weekend we have plans to lay super low and just enjoy some family time.  No big NYE plans - other than watching TCU WIN the Fiesta bowl ;) - and I'm excited about some family time.  My kids have next week off of school and I go back on Thursday and I'm so looking forward to soaking up the last little bit of this downtime!  HAPPY Friday and HAPPY NEW YEAR, friends!

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  1. Can you tell me the store name you visited? We are planning a sister trip in February and want to go there...

  2. That theater experience sounds wonderful! I love that it's such a nice small space where you can really get up close with the performers. The puzzles look fun. My boys get money gifts from my sister in law each year and she does an amazing job making them so fun and unique.

  3. SO much fun favorites! I clicked through and got the Christmas book puzzle :)


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