Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Teacher Tuesday: Classroom Tour

Not going to lie - this is one of my very FAVORITE posts of the entire year.  I spend so much time in my classroom and it's a huge reflection of who I am as a teacher and I LOVE giving y'all a peek inside.

And just for fun here's what my classroom looked like 17 years ago when it was my first year.  I taught in this room for several years, then moved to a portable building and then BACK to this room a few years ago.  It's crazy for me to think about how when I started in this classroom kids of my own weren't even a thought and this year both boys are in Middle School!

Looking in from the door...

This front table is where I keep the pencil sharpener and my pencil jar.  Teachers get A LOT of mugs and so last year I thought it would be fun to have a spot to put some of my favorites.  The math meme board is one of my favorite things ;)

I started putting stickers on my podium and love finding cute stickers to add to it.  Students have given me some as well and those are always my fave.

The interactive tv is what I use 95% of the time.  I pretty much exclusively use my document camera to do notes and examples with my students and love it so much more than my previous Smartboard.

I left up this MLK project that my algebra class did last year because it's SO COOL and I wanted to look at it longer than the last month or so of school and then I brought Griffin's old rug from her bedroom up here to go underneath my table.  I love this rug SO MUCH and am so glad I get to see it every day again!

The balloon tied to my chair was from my birthday back in February.  When it was still going strong in May my students and I decided to let it live and see how long it could last and it survived the summer!  

This table was a Craigslist find and is where I hang out most of the time.  My document camera is on the table and I use that A TON.  I use the table for parent conferences and meetings as well.  It's used it a ton and it was a really inexpensive find on Craigslist.

The little cart has class supplies in it like grading pens, expo markers, paper, etc.

The bulletin board on the far end is my "things I'd tell my middle school self board"...

... and then I have another table with my "I don't have my homework because..." sheets, rulers, crayons, etc.  Remember when I bought this peace sign for my house and then couldn't find a spot for it?  Well... it never got returned so it's landed in my classroom.  OH WELL!  The Woody doll was Luke's and is now almost like a class elf on the shelf ;)

I added a basketball hoop to the board on my navy wall...

... and didn't really know what to do with the board itself so I just tacked up my be kind banner.

My FAVORITE part of my classroom is my desk area... it's cozy, has a ton of storage and is just so dang good.

The storage can't be beat...

Please note my backup snack cabinet ;) hahaha  Tell me you have boys without telling me you have boys.

Love having little mementos and things around - I can't tell you how many conversations have been started with "oooh! I love Lion King! I saw it xyz..." or "We went to Colorado this summer, too!"

Yes, that's a mini fridge ;)

This little jar of prisms belonged to Colonel Bellue... one of my FAVORITE PEOPLE EVER who I had the privilege of teaching with and who passed away from cancer a couple of years ago.  Love when the sun shines through the jar and catches the prisms!


Is there anything better?!?! No, ma'am.

And more snacks and tea supplies ;)

The little bookcase by the door...

... has books, photos, gifts from students and several student art projects that I've gotten as gifts...

... like this snail...

... and this be still and know painting...

and this hutch with lots of the same along with yearbooks which are some of their favorite things to flip through.  There are several alumni who are now teachers and kids love stumbling across those yearbook photos ;)

This is an original troll from when I was in like the 3rd grade.  PRICELESS!

Last, but not least - the fridge.  This is where I hang outstanding student work... like when your mom was really proud of something and she'd stick it on the fridge ;)  It'll have work up on it by the end of the week!

Math can be intimidating to LOTS of kids and so I like my room to be welcoming, fun and approachable.  I like for the twinkle lights to be on and for it to always smell good.  

HAPPY Tuesday and I hope you enjoyed the tour!


  1. I always love seeing your classroom. It's obvious how much you love your job and how much your students love you! I know you're making a huge difference in their lives and they'll never forget the time they spent in your class. I wish I'd had a math teacher like you- I would have been so much better at it than I was! I hope you all have the BEST school year to date!

  2. This is ALWAYS my favorite post of the year from you! It just gives me all the happy feels.

  3. You room might even force me to enjoy Math!! Also, I wish I had kept my trolls!

  4. I have always loved math, but never had a teacher with a room like yours. It is so inviting and I know all of your students look forward to coming to your room everyday. It is awesome and I love seeing this post every year!!

  5. I love love love seeing your classroom. You can really see your heart in this classroom. My girlie starts kinder next year and this post made me excited for her to experience the love of teachers who put their heart and soul into their job and the kiddos!

  6. I love these posts!! Thanks for sharing -- miss this part of the school year as a teacher so much. Have a great year!!

  7. Your room is so beautiful. I love that it seems comfortable like home.


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