Monday, October 31, 2022

Halloween Recipe

I feel like I get off the hook easy because they wear uniforms but when they're not they live pretty much in Adidas club shorts (the pockets! the length!) and athletic tees.  When we need dressier pieces or just non-athletic basics J Crew Factory never disappoints. 

Oh, gosh! It's been a long time since my kids have been that little BUT we loved  The Heard Museum and Wildlife Sanctuary - they have a really cool trail with dinosaurs on it...

... and we're obviously big fans of Playstreet Museum.

We did SO MANY events there when my kids were little (including yoga!) and I seriously miss it so much!

Bonnie Wenk park is a must...

... and you should definitely check out Walls of Clay downtown to make keepsake ornaments or a plate for Christmas ;)

Third Monday Trade Days is a big flea market and it's super fun for kids to poke around...

... and if your kids love animals Cathys Critters is worth checking out for the afternoon.

I blogged about that YEARS ago and you can read it here.

This question is a gut-wrencher!  I miss all the "things"... the trips to the library, the afternoons at Playstreet, the children's museum at The Perot, the park dates and playdates.  I miss getting to do crafts with them and family book clubs and making the daily things extra special.  I miss our little table and the smell of lavender baby lotion and the 7 pm bedtimes ;)

What I'm LOVING about having older kids is that THEY'RE FUNNY!!! I love that they can apply their own sunscreen and buckle their own seatbelts and they are fun to hang out with.  I love getting to share some of our favorite things with them (like movies and clips from The Office - hahaha) and love seeing them be independent and responsible.  My heart does ache (often) for the footed pajamas and stuffed animals and tiny little forks BUT love getting to watch them grow up and know what a privilege that is!

Man, someone hand me a tissue!

OOOOH!!!!  The smothered waffle fries from The Yard, then some really good pasta (probably carbonara) and carrot cake (with THICK cream cheese frosting) for dessert.  Cue the mouth watering.

Teachers want gift cards.  There, I said it ;)  
Gift cards for a hot drink on the way to work, gift cards for a meal we don't have to cook, gift cards to spend on the expensive item we just can't justify otherwise.  Gift cards to take our kids out for ice cream and a movie on a weekend, a gift card to order pizza on a friday night or a gift card to get a massage.  AMEN.  

A thank you note with a gift card is where it's at - trust me!!! 

Sweetest compliment!  I love Free People and Pink Chicken the most - and they're pretty much my go-tos.  I blogged a "What I'm Wearing" post HERE that you can check out for lots of details!

HAPPY Monday and HAPPY HALLOWEEN, friends!!!


  1. Happy Halloween, friend!! I hope you have the BEST day!

  2. These are always fun to read. Can you believe your kids are the ages they are? Time is such a thief, but like you, I always enjoyed every stage. I loved your love story and proposal! It made me two are really sweet. My husband and I have a similar story, though we didn't wait long to get married. Have a great day!


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