Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Halloween Fun 2022


Happy November, y'all!  I am currently up way too late snacking on candy and looking through pics of the past few days.  I can't believe Halloween has come and gone!  

This year G decided to be an "Egyptian princess" and she said it's her favorite costume EVER!  She looked DARLING in it and I love how much she loved it!

Mason was a Star Wars Jedi and looked SO CUTE as well ;)

G lives for any excuse for some dramatic makeup ;)


Last night Mason headed off with some friends to trick-or-treat and we had some of Luke and G's friends over for pizza...

... and then these kids headed off to do their own thing...

... and we did our neighborhood with these precious girlies.

We had such a fun time and the weather was PERFECTION!

Back home to sort and snack ;)

Everyone had a blast, got enough candy to last until next year (seriously - Luke had close to 10 lbs of candy!) and went to bed exhausted!

We carved pumpkins on Saturday night and I think it was the best year yet - the kids did most of their pumpkins on their own and they all turned out so cute.

Griffin did a moon and stars pumpkin and she used our drill to make the little stars.  She was feeling SO BIG ;)

Mason ended up with a cross-eyed pumpkin-licking pumpkin...

... and Luke spent FOREVER making a storm trooper which turned out SO COOL!

We also had some fun with our skeleton over the last week or so, next year I'm going to start earlier because we all had a blast with this ;)

HAPPY November, friends!


  1. Ohhhh.... I love all the pictures. The kiddos costumes were awesome! Luke's group of friends looked hilarious! I love the carving pictures, they did a great job! So creative! And the skeleton was cracking me up! Happy November!

  2. Love the Egyptian princess and all her freckles, so cute!


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