Thursday, October 6, 2022

What I Wore Wednesday (on a Thursday) ;)

It's been a hot minute (like years?) since I've shared an outfit post and what I've realized in writing this is I definitely have "a type".  My name is Andrea and I love long dresses.  There.  I said it. 

I have built up quite the collection of dresses that are what I call "throw and go"... pieces that I can throw on and get out of the door quickly.  Dresses that work great with cute tennis shoes, sandals, a bootie, clog, etc.  I don't necessarily hate pants - I just rarely grab for them because I prefer dresses so much. 

So without further ado - a bunch of pics of me (#weird) standing in virtually the same post in bad pre-school lighting ;)

One of my VERY favorite brands and dress styles is the  Indira dress from Pink Chicken.  It's flowy, but not overwhelming, I love the sleeve length and the quality of Pink Chicken is always awesome.  I love the different patterns and that these dresses are SO EASY to throw on and go.  You'll see a common these in this post that I stinking love this dress.

This Free People dress was a new addition this summer and it's everything I love in a dress.  I don't own much purple and have been loving the color as well.

Look! Pants!  I grabbed these from Three Birds Nest and LOVE THEM!  So comfy but CUTE!  When I have to wear a spirit shirt these are my pants of choice ;)

Same t-shirt... different look.  This time I paired it with an older pleated leopard skirt from Nordstrom.

This dress is an oldie but a goodie. It's Spell and the Gypsy for Free People and it's PERFECTION!


This is another Free People favorite - it was their beaches line and it's the softest t-shirt material of all time.

And here we have  another Pink Chicken Indira dress...

... and another.

I've paused  my Nuuly rental for the past month or so (I wasn't finding a ton of things available that I loved so I paused for a bit - but I do LOVE the service!) and this was a rental dress that I adored.  The brand is Just Female...

... this Pistola was a rental that I ended up purchasing because I loved it so much.  I wore it ALL SUMMER LONG and love it with a denim jacket for school.

Another rental was  this dress that I own in another color...

This denim dress is one of favorite purchases of all time.  I LOVE the fit, the color and the weight and the fact that I've worn it 400 times and it still looks new.  It's AWESOME!  (Free People One and Only Midi Dress)

... and here's  that Free People dress in a different colorway.

This is a Pink Chicken dress again, but a different style this time.  I love this style as well but not as much as the Indira.

... and this tie dye Norblack Norwhite number from Anthropologie will live in my closet forever.

This is a GREAT Free People dress that's super easy to dress up or down and is 58% off right now.

.... and this is a Just Female shirt dress that was a rental that I ended up buying.

And last, but not least - I just got in  this denim top and it's TRUE LOVE!  I wore it yesterday with  these leggings...

... and may end up keeping  the second color I ordered because I love it so dang much.

Okay - so a few more things... denim jackets.  My FAVORITE oversized one is the Ramona Trucker Jacket by Free People.   If I want one a little bit less oversized (more cropped and a bit more fitted) I have the  Ramona Trucker jacket and it's just as good. 

Shoes!  For clogs I love Lotta from Stockholm if you want just a basic pair and Charlotte Stone Shoes for my more colorful and fun pairs.  I also love Swedish Hasbeens.

It's obvious I've jumped on the GG train and I'm rolling my eyes HARD at myself.  Between Nordstrom notes, sales and a fun BST facebook group a friend added me to I've added a few pairs to my collection and I wear them pretty much daily.  Standing on my feet pretty much all day has made them my FAVORITE shoes to wear and it's been fun to change up the laces and get different looks as well.  

Yes... I have expensive taste.  Sigh.  It's a curse. hahaha  Free People, Pink Chicken, etc. is NOT cheap BUT if you know what styles you like you can find great deals on Poshmark or even eBay.  Sometimes I'll buy a dress on sale at the end of the season, fall in love with it and then hunt it down in another color on resale sites.

I'm hoping that you found some inspiration in this post today - maybe a brand or style or two to check out - maybe just a list of what NOT to wear ;) If nothing else I hope it came across that I wear what I love because I love it and let this be your nudge to do the same.  I've always been pretty good about this but as I've gotten closer to 40 it's gotten even that much easier.  I buy and wear things that  LOVE and (typically) end up keeping them in my closet for years and years because I really do love them regardless of the trends.  I recently went through my closet and pared it down A TON and I've never been happier.  Dresses for life, y'all! 

If you have questions feel free to leave them in the comments!

PS - this post contained affiliate links... thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog!


  1. If you only have what you love in your closet and you wear them all multiple times, then this can be more economical! For years I only shopped sale racks and then my wardrobe wasn't cohesive and didn't truly feel like me. I love your style! You look comfortable and put together. Plus, your outfits work for school, going out, weekends, church. Make no apologies! Loved this post!

  2. I LOVE your look, Andrea! And I'm digging all those GG sneakers. Maybe my closet needs a new pair?

  3. Love this! You have great style! The clogs give me all the heart eyes :)

  4. You really do have such a unique and cute style. Love the look of GG's but personally cannot stomach the price, maybe I need to look into your tips. Thank you.

  5. Make no apologies for wearing what you love! I would rather spend more money on an item and have it for several years, than buy stuff cheaply and only get a few wears out of it.

  6. I am a huge fan of eBay, Mercari, Poshmark and other resale sites. I have expensive taste too but I have found amazing deals on those sites.


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