Friday, October 28, 2022

Friday Favorites

  Erika and I are so excited that lots of y'all are linking up with us every week.  Make sure that you're grabbing our graphic, linking back to us and sharing your own Friday Favorites post ;)

First on my list is the pirate costume I ordered for Griffin and forgot to return.  

When we went to pull her actual costume out of the package and I realized the pirate that was going to get sent back was in the box as well we decided to snap a few pics with Rosie (because DUH) and they're now my FAVORITES.

Mason asleep on the chair like this is my FAVE...

... and Luke heading to the state drumline competition and getting outstanding snare award was at the top of my favorites this week as well.

The middle school drumline won the competition and we couldn't be more proud! 

One of my FAVORITE ways to give a few bonus points is to have a squiggly line or start of a doodle and ask the kids to finish it.  Looking through their responses is always a FAVORITE ;)

I got the proofs of the boys cross country pictures back and Masons is my FAVORITE.  I told him that now he has to do this face in every cross country picture ;)

If you asked about the glitter in these pics (our FAVE!) it came with  the little alien headband and then we used this primer to apply it to her face and lips.  SO SIMPLE to use and worked like a charm!

Griffin's FAVORITE part of the week was a field trip where she got to hang with a macaw...

snuggle a bunny...

... and hang with her friends.

Mason's FAVORITE part of the week was science class...

... and I got in  my FAVORITE dress in a cute new colorway - LOVE!

This weekend we're either going to have a fun night at the last football game complete with tunnel run, national anthem singing and concession stand volunteering OR the whole thing is going to be a washout due to storms.  I'm not sure which option I'm more excited about ;)  

HAPPY Friday, friends!!!

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  1. I have thought about that photo of Mason all week.

  2. Those doodles are the BEST!!! Congrats to Luke, too. I get it about not sure if a rainout or a "last game" would be better - ha! Thanks for sharing :)


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