Wednesday, September 29, 2021

What's Up Wednesday

    Today I'm linking up with  Shay and  Sheaffer to talk a little bit about what's been going on around here!

This crockpot lasagna is on our menu this week and I can't wait! It's a tried and true favorite and super simple which is a big plus.

The kids and I were talking the other day about how we used to go on multiple walks a day... before dinner, after dinner, etc. :)  It made me think about this scavenger hunt page I made when the kids were teeny.  We would print these and put them on a clipboard and then they would cross things off as they saw them.

You can right click on it, save it to your desktop and then when you go to print it it will be sized as a regular piece of paper.  

A sweet, sweet parent brought me some Crumbl cookies the other day and the only bad part was my kids were around when it happened.  If you haven't tried them before DO IT!  My favorite are the regular frosted sugar cookies.

All the regular things like sports and school.  Mason's league is playing later games and the boys have been loving playing under the lights :)

Griffin has an 8 a.m volleyball game on Saturday and while I LOVE watching her play y'all know how I feel about early mornings :) Last week I woke up at SEVEN THIRTY SEVEN and we somehow made it but 8 am on a Saturday is not my jam!

Ordering some giveaway items!  I ordered an extra set of  these salad plates to giveaway next month and I can't wait to see them in person!

Decorating for Halloween!  I'm getting my boxes out this weekend and I can't wait!!!  You can check out my decor from last year HERE.

We're watching LuLaRich and it's SO good! I heard someone call it the "Tiger King for the Delta Variant" and it's true - I'm constantly like "WHAT?!?!" but can't look away.  

I'm listening to The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue and while it's a bit of a slow listen I'm really liking it.

Sill wearing ALL THE DRESSES.  I wore  this dress to multiple events last week and I love it SO MUCH!  The floral pattern and colors are so pretty and it looked great paired with cowboy boots one day, clogs another and flip flops running errands.

Nothing specific!  Lots of relaxing, lots of laundry and just enjoying being at home!  Sports and such and I'm planning on making my german apple cake again.

All things Halloween!!!  Mason and Griffin both have their costumes picked and ready and I can't wait!  Griffin's is going to involve a little crafting which I am SO EXCITED about too :)

Throwback to a few years ago when we went as MarioKart - hahaha

Not a whole lot!

HAPPY Wednesday, friends!

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  1. LULA RICH- I could NOT STOP watching.......

  2. Now I want lasagna. Like I want to eat it right now. And while I'm eating it, I'm going to just be annoyed at Carter and Chris the entire time, because neither one of them likes pasta. HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE PASTA.

  3. "Tiger King for the Delta Variant" that made me LOL this morning, thank you!! I never got into wearing LulaRoe, but keep seeing enough about the mini series, I think I need to watch it, hah! And those salad plates are super cute!

  4. Hi Andrea! Love your blog, binged LuLaRich over the weekend and just have so many thoughts!! I wanted to see if you are willing to sell the Mario and Luigi costumes - My daughter wants to match with me this year and that would be perfect!!

  5. I just ordered the plates! I can't wait to use them during Christmas season.


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