Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Halloween Decor

 I'm feeling extra festive this year and maybe it's all the time at home, maybe it's the desire for as much "normalcy" as possible... but whatever it is I couldn't wait to get the Halloween boxes out this year.

I did my normal black gauzey fabric on the mantel but opted out of the shutters I usually use beside the mirror and went a little asymmetrical with the garlands.  I didn't use my regular ghosts this year and love how it turned out.

I cut the bats out years ago to tape on our walls and just taped two together on embroidery floss to make the garland.

In the little nook I added a galvanized haunted house, a few pumpkins and a little feather tree with crows and ghosts.

The happy haunting pillow was a grocery store find a few years ago :)

This black and white pumpkin was a Nordstrom find last year and it's one of my favorites.

I found the super sweet beaded cobweb runner last month and LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!

A few more houses in the kitchen...

... and ghost mugs ;) 

This little desk/cabinet area always confuses me and this year I decided to put some glasses in the cabinet and festive plates on the desk for the kids to use.

This little tiered stand is always a FAVORITE to dress up...

... and I added one of my favorite finds EVER in the laundry room.

The shelf in the living room got a couple galvanized houses and Vine and Branches signs...

... and I added some festive books to the playroom shelf.

And our mummy glass jars from last year are still one of my most favorite projects...

and then I just added a few fun little touches around the room...

So there you have it!  Our house all decked out for October!

I hope you're having a GREAT Tuesday!!!


  1. so fun!!! I can't get into the Halloween spirit this year;/

  2. I'm sorry, but your comment above about "all the time at home" and your "desire for normalcy" - what? From your blog, it appears y'all are totally back to normal (and that's great!). You've had homecoming, full-time school, normal activities for the kids - please don't act like you're sacrificing or spending a ton of time at home because of Covid, because it's obvious you just aren't.

    1. Way to keep it classy, Katie 🙄

    2. Katie, you sound like a peach. Thanks for this insightful & helpful comment!

  3. Love it!! I picked up a small galvanized haunted house at Home Goods for my tiered tray but I have really been thinking I "need" a bigger one. They are just so cute!

  4. So fun! Your kiddo's will have the best memories:).

  5. Your holiday décor is always THE BEST!

  6. I always love your decor, holiday and normal!! I have bought several of your mentioned items and always love these posts! Thanks for bringing fun to your followers, we love it! Just a thought, your cabinet over the desk would look cute if you took the doors off, so you could use it for holiday displays!!


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