Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Back-to-School Brinner Tradition

Happy Wednesday, friends!  A few weeks ago I saw this quote on instagram and it spoke to me SO LOUDLY!  There is so much unknown right now and I feel like this year more than any other it's vital that I set the tone in a positive and upbeat way.  I know that school may look A LOT different for lots of your families and so I wanted to re-share one of my very favorite traditions in case you're looking for a way to set the tone for your family as you start the school year.  

Image may contain: text that says 'No matter HOW school year might go... Full time masks with social distancing. Half with some online learning mixed Or some combination of ALL these possibilities. I've decided going to be positive about it. Because the truth MOM ETTHE TONE. MY response MY participation and MY support for teachers will likely the success of my children entire school year. So no matter HOW school looks next year... I'm going to encourage my kids to LEARN. Adapt, change, serve love, grow. And SUCCEED!!! @ORDINARYONPURPOSE'

I'll probably still share how I put together our brinner in a couple of weeks but wanted to share how I've done it in the past so that in case you want to start this tradition for your family you can start planning it now.

Essentially, it's a special breakfast for dinner (brinner) on the night before school.  It started because I saw other people posting about special first day of school breakfasts and literally couldn't get it together enough in the morning so I moved it to the night before :)  

 We talk about what we're excited about for the year, take some time to pray over our teachers, classmates and school and set some goals for the year.  The menu is SUPER simple and I tried to change it up this year and was met with SO MUCH resistance which I feel just proves that it doesn't have to be anything fancy.

I realize that it looks a little elaborate - but I promise it's easy to pull off :)  I feel like this gingham runner kind of makes the whole thing and then I just used three white cake stands, some Trader Joe's flowers (from last week!) and added in some faux apples and globes that I've had for years. 

I tossed some crayons from our crayon bucket on there as well...

Hobby Lobby always has the best faux fruit and the little globes were a Hobby Lobby find from a few years ago.

We always have cinnamon rolls...

... and make Shay's Ultimate Sausage Balls.

I double the recipe and it's awesome because the sausage balls refrigerate perfectly and we have a quick (hot!) breakfast for the first morning.

These little daisies were about $4 for all of them and they're my absolute favorite.

I use the really inexpensive pocket folders as placemats and I've used the same ones for several years in a row.

I ordered the cookies from Say Anything Bakery and they each took a bite or two but saved the rest for lunch at school the next day.  Can you EVEN DEAL with how cute they are?!?!  And she personalized them with their names, grades and favorite subjects!

I didn't really do any other decorating around the house except for  a banner from Tunes and Spoons shop.  Growing up my mom would always tell my brother and I "remember who you are and whose you are" as we were leaving the house and I thought it was fitting to add into our back-to-school tradition.

And that little basket has some of  our favorite back-to-school books.

Happy back-to-school, friends!!! If you have a fun tradition I'd love to hear about it in the comments and if you end up having your own back-to-school brinner I'd love for you to send me a picture!

And here are a few of the previous years as well...

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  1. Always such a sweet, sweet dinner for your family!!

  2. I do a back to school breakfast because of you! Next year, my twins will be in middle school, so I may to move the Brinner idea to switch it up as they get older. This is one of our favorite traditions.

  3. I love that this was posted today. Friday we are having our back to school bash with grandkids.....Each one will get a bag of supplies and a mask!!

  4. I love this idea! Love the folders as place mats, very clever!

  5. I love the banner and saying! Such a nice family tradition!

  6. This is the cutest idea EVER. I love all the details! Might be implementing this into our family this year. Thanks for sharing! ❤️

  7. I love the way you make things so special for your kids!!

    We have waffles with ice cream on the first day of school and my kids LOVE it! It is easy and fun! I buy frozen waffles and put a scoop of ice cream on them. My kids look forward to it every year! When else do you get ice cream for breakfast? I also buy frozen turkey sausage to get some protein in them too.

    The night before school we have a "fancy" dinner and we pray over the kids. This year I may make it a little more school themed with some of your ideas.

  8. I love the way you decorate! Is that a globe that you wrote "Back to School Brinner" on? If so, did you paint it yourself?

  9. What a fun back to school tradition!! This would never fly in my house though as my husband hates brinner... in fact we have no power but with our generator I was saying I could make waffles for dinner and he told me he'd rather grill something and just eat salad with it than have waffles. LOL. I'm fine with no cooking dinner!


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