Thursday, August 6, 2020

Amazon Favorites

Happy Thursday, friends!  It's been a while since I shared some Amazon finds and so today I'm recapping a few of the fun things that have landed on our doorstep in the past month or so.

First up is  Dutch Blitz.  Several of y'all recommended this game and we are LOVING IT!!!  All three of my kids can play, it's quick rounds and it's a new favorite.

This smiley sticker arrived on our doorstep for Griffin's trunk and it's HUGE!!!  She loved it and I love how reminiscent is is of the nineties :)

Y'all know I LOVE my laminator SO SO SO MUCH!  Well... the regular 5mm sheets that I buy were unavailable so I ordered  these and they're just as great!

I mentioned  this sugar dish on my What's Up Wednesday post last week but figured it was worth mentioning again because it's SO GOOD!!!

Luke needed a camo shirt for a camp event and  this one fit the bill for a great price.

and Mason needed something to dress as a "secret agent" and so we picked out  this tuxedo shirt :) 

I ordered  this little fan for Griffin's camp backpack...

... and  this set of scrunchies to put in her camp care package and share with her friends and counselors.

I LOVE  my Lovehandle phone grip and just got a new case which means a new grip.  The hot pink is SO CUTE and I love that you can attach it to any case!

We've been in and out of the water SO MUCH this summer and  this baby bum conditioning spray has been a lifesaver.  I throw it in my pool bag along with a wet brush and Griffin avoids the tangly mess later.  It smells great too.

My kids all needed masks for various events and then for school coming up and  these neck gaiters are PERFECT!  They fit smaller faces and I love that they can pull them up or down easily without actually taking them off and setting them down somewhere gross.  As far as the fit goes - Luke prefers these to the adult or larger youth ones I bought because they're a little more snug and stay up better.

This is probably the most boring purchase but I'm a tape snob and  this is the only kind I buy :) hahaha

I needed a new mousepad for my classroom and  this one was under $8 and SO CUTE!

Last, I ordered  this pontoon boat Christmas ornament because y'all know I love having ornaments that commemorate fun events and trips and milestones.  We didn't do any shopping while we were in Broken Bow but I found this on Amazon on the way home and thought it would be PERFECT!

Happy shopping, friends!!

PS - this post contained affiliate links... thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog!


  1. That mousepad is adorable! I just did a post on Monday of my
    July Amazon finds and I grabbed a couple fans similar to yours! Apparently great minds think alike 😉. Here's the post if you wanna check it out:

    Have a great day!

  2. Hi,
    I am not sure neck gaiters are safe at all. No doubt they'll be worn upside down and Inside out, readjusted and touched constantly during the day, making them completely useless. Please consider not promoting unsafe devices.

    1. I think all the issues you mentioned could happen with any face covering - my kids mess with these significantly less than regular masks and I think they may actually be safer because they won’t be set down on a desk, shoved into a backpack, dropped onto the floor, etc. I feel like you need to pick what works best for your own kids and these are what work best for mine.

    2. The best mask for kids is the one they’ll wear! 😊😊😊

  3. There is the funniest FB post of a teacher showing all the different ways school age kids will be playing with thier face’s spot on! I agree with the gaitor for my 7th grader. He would lose the face mask by lunchtime! At least he can’t set the gaitor down!

  4. For the love of all things holy, please explain how to play Dutch Blitz! One of my kids received it from Santa a couple years ago, and even after several tutorials and videos, we cannot get the hang of this game!

  5. Ordering the neck gaiters. Thank you for sharing them! The best mask is one left alone and my kids can’t stand the ear loops on regular masks. So sorry you get so much grief from people on here!

    1. Couldn’t agree more! Always “unknown” too. It’s a shame. In these trying times we all need do what works best for our own families, no matter if it’s the same or different than other families.

  6. I keep thinking about your kiddos! I bet they're having the BEST week!!!

  7. I try to buy ornaments that reflect our year too!


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