Tuesday, July 14, 2020

7 Questions

100% YES!  Before kids I wasn't as much of a night owl but after having kids I became one out of necessity.  Dave jokes that I live a whole other day after the kids go to bed ;)  My days are spent working, then my late afternoons/evenings are spent with the kids and then after they're in bed is "my time".  It's when I blog, when I get house things done, when I grade papers, when I read, when I watch TV, etc.  It's RARE that I'm asleep before midnight.

Luke - I have been loving and been so impressed by how adaptable Luke has been.  He's easy going, dependable, responsible and just plain steady.

Mason - I am LOVING Mason's absolute adoration for Rosie.  He is SO GOOD with her, comes downstairs and immediately looks for her in the morning, is always next to her rubbing her belly, etc.  

Griffin - I'm loving Griffin's independence right now :)  I feel like she's grown up SO MUCH over the past few months and it's just been the sweetest!  My favorite part has been her newfound love for showers and then putting in her conditioner,  brushing her hair and putting on lotion.  Sweet girl!

What a FUN question!!!  I feel like I relate to several...

Monica Gellar - being at home with my kids all day every day has my "Monica" showing :)  Vacuuming behind them, fluffing pillows constantly and wiping counters ALL THE TIME!

House Cleaning Services in Kochi, Kerala| Clean Like Monica!

Pam Beesly - I've always felt like my personality is a lot like Pam from The Office.  A little more quiet and reserved until I know you well but fun and loyal once you're "in" my circle.

Chili's lifts ban on 'Office' character Pam Beesly

Claire Dunphy - I've definitely felt like I can relate to Claire from Modern Family in terms of having a ton of balls in the air and trying to manage a busy house.

Character Study: Claire Pritchett/Dunphy | Modern Family

Yumboxes are the plan!  I will say that Luke REALLY likes to take leftovers (they have access to a microwave to heat things up) so he takes those (and usually a sandwich) a lot of the time.

You can read about how we use the YumBoxes  HERE.

I also found  some lunch bags for next year that are awesome!  They fit the large YumBox along with a water bottle or thermos and they come in all kinds of prints.

Oh, gosh!  It's probably way closer than I'd like to think about!  But I have no idea!!! Friends of ours are TCU alums and HUGE fans and they have made it their mission to make our kids fans as well :)  Dave and I both graduated from UT Dallas which isn't a football school by a long shot so it's been fun to jump on the TCU bandwagon for games and have our kids have a school to cheer for.  TCU is BEAUTIFUL and such a great school but is also CRAZY expensive so there would have to be some MAJOR (and I'm talking MAJOR!) scholarship action happening!  Dave and I both attended UTD on scholarship (mine was full and Dave's was partial) and are HUGE proponents of going where the money is!  Graduating with zero student debt was a huge blessing for us and as college talk ramps up over the next several years (that was an insane sentence to type!) scholarship will play a big role in that.

He does look good in purple, though ;)

Momfessionals: Weekend Top 10

I usually have great luck at Anthropologie but also have found some great finds at Homegoods!

I feel like this has been a HARD one for me especially with quarantine!  I also know that I struggle with this since so much of my work responsibilities are tied to my phone - email, social media messages, moderating blog comments, etc. I will say that using the screen time feature on my phone was both convicting and helpful.  If you're not familiar with it there are a bunch of great tutorials on YouTube but I love seeing exactly how and how much I'm using my phone on a daily basis.

iOS 12 introduces new features to reduce interruptions and manage ...

Seeing exactly how much time I was spending on different apps helped me recognize that a lot of my "working" was actually just "scrolling" and so I put some limits on myself to help keep that in check.  

I know it sounds crazy but getting an Apple watch has also helped because I don't have to have my phone with me all the time.  Before my watch I would pull out my phone to check my email or read a text and then quickly pull up Instagram or Facebook and there went 20 minutes.  Now, I often leave my phone plugged in on my nightstand and just use my watch to check messages, read emails and answer calls but aren't spending nearly the time I was just scrolling.

Happy Tuesday, friends!!!

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  1. Love the swim bag in the pic of the kids. I know you’ve posted about it before but can you remind me where you got it? What size do you have?

    1. iT's a Bogg bag - I got it from the Bogg website and it's the original size. Best BAG EVER!

  2. Always love these posts! And I love that if I fire off a late night text that you always answer!!!

  3. Love the lunch box! I just got a notice that our school district (we're in CA) is voting tonight on whether to go all distance learning in August. :( Now I wanna cry, makes me so sad.

  4. Fellow teacher here. Would love to know if your school has announced opening plans and what your thoughts are regarding the in-person vs virtual learning debate. Our district sent out their intentions yesterday - 100% full-time, in-person opening with a virtual option for parents who prefer to go that route. As an educator and the parent of a school-aged child, I’m at a loss and don’t know what to do.

    1. Our school will be back in-person and while I have lots of questions I am SO EXCITED to see my student and my kids CAN'T WAIT to get back!


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