Wednesday, February 5, 2020

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Luke - I was a WRECK!!!  I felt completely overwhelmed and unproductive and like my world had been turned upside down.  I rarely got dressed, had some pretty crippling anxiety and cried ALL THE TIME.  I was nursing and felt like I spent the first 3 months on my couch with my shirt off.  No joke.  I was overwhelmed by outings, had a hard time being by myself all day and it was just a HARD transition.  I adored him and adored being a mom but postpartum was difficult.  None of my friends had babies yet and I felt VERY alone.  Physically it was an easy recovery for me but emotionally it was pretty rough.

Mason - EASY!!! I knew what to expect, Mason slept great right from the beginning and we were out and about really quick.  I was confident and didn't experience any of the same anxiety that I had with Luke but physically it was MUCH harder because I experienced postpartum preeclampsia and was on some pretty high doses of procardia and other medication to try to prevent stroke, HELLP syndrome, etc.  I had to visit my OB daily for a while to have blood pressure checks and hospitalization was on the table several times.  Thankfully the blood pressure issues resolved over the course of about 6 months but it was definitely harder on my physically than my pregnancy and postpartum recovery with Luke. 

Griffin - EXHAUSTING!!!  The combination of her being a baby who did NOT sleep well right from the beginning and us having two very busy boys at home had me exhausted!  I was able to give myself a little bit more grace than my previous two postpartum experiences (she was a surprise baby and I was determined to soak it all in!) but there were still a lot of demands on my time between the boys and trying to keep our house together, etc.  Physically it was an okay recovery... I had a pretty severe tear when I had her (she was my biggest baby) and I was suuuuper anemic but I was lucky in that Luke was in Pre-K five days a week, we kept Mason at his babysitter full time and I really tried to rest and recuperate as much as I could during the day while they were gone so I could be 100% for them when they got home.  Griffin was born mid-April and they were both home with me full time starting at the end of May and by that time I felt like I was pretty much healed and was hitting my stride when it came to rest and just managing the three of them on my own.  

If you want to read more about the transitions we experienced with adding each kiddo you can click  HERE to read a post more about that :) 

 I've had  this camera for about two years and I love it so much!  It takes amazing photos and you can switch between great photos and video with just the push of a button.  It meets all of my needs and is super easy to use.  

I feel your pain!!!  Griffin is definitely starting to have more opinions about what she does and doesn't want to wear and (thankfully) the decision is made for her 5/7 days of the week :)  She really loves soft dresses, all things girly and she's just now more open to wearing jeans.  I've had good luck with GAP and OLD NAVY lately and also really love several brands from Nordstrom including Tucker and Tate and STEM.  Boden is always a favorite at our house although she is steering away from some of the applique shirt styles.  She LOVES comfy leggings and I've picked up a couple of great pairs of Zella Girl leggings at Nordstrom Rack and she loves wearing them with sweatshirts.  I can't blame her! As far as boutique brands go we still love Matilda Jane, Sweet Honey, Remie Girl, Taylor Joelle and Alice and Ames.  

I drink English breakfast tea with milk and sugar added in.  I totally blame this habit on being raised by Canadian parents :)  I drink hot tea morning, noon and night and the only times I haven't drank it are when I've been pregnant... and it wasn't a choice because of caffeine or anything but because it just sounded awful!  Which is hilarious considering how often I drink it on a regular basis.  I drink it all summer long, right before I go to bed, etc. 

Mine is easy... it's the Stress Relief two-part episode where Dwight sets the fire in the office to practice fire safety and ends up giving Stanley a heart attack.  That entire scene makes me laugh so hard I can't breathe every time I watch it.  

The ensuing second part of the episode where they go through CPR training is SO HILARIOUS and spot on for all the characters and it will NEVER get old in my book.  

Other favorite scenes include where Michael, Dwight and Andy to parkour...

... and when Michael burned his foot on a George Foreman grill :) 

Dave's favorites are Fun Run...

... and the dinner party :)

Honestly, they're all hilarious :) 

Oh, girl. I try not to think too much about the texture bathroom (aka the cave) and I think that our next project is going to be painting our house and then our pool/patio area.  Some of our more fun plans (backsplash, carpeting, etc.) have been put on the back burner after having to get a new air conditioner/furnace last Fall and then tackle some foundation issues this Winter.  Our pool needs some pretty hefty maintenance/updates (cracked tiles, needs resurfacing, etc.) and so we're looking into fixing a few more things at the same time and then we STILL have to pick a color to have some exterior work done as well.  The JOY of home ownership, right?!?! :)

So I started typing this out and got overwhelmed BUT the good news is that I've done several day in the life posts that should hopefully give you a good idea of our pre/post school routine. Here are two of my most recent ones (which is making me realize I'm due for another!)...

I've also shared a couple of different day in my life via instagram and the videos are all saved in my highlights.  You can find my instagram profile  HERE and then just look for the highlights below.

 Happy Wednesday, friends!!!

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  1. My youngest daughter also had postpartum pre-eclampsia. With her first child she was in and out of the hospital several times, one time I did not know if she would survive. It took her 6 months to recover as well. Second child was c section and no problems. Third was a VBAC and we were at it again. They kept her that time for a week. Doctor said no more, her life was at risk. I so enjoy your blog. Her husband, my son in law, is a teacher as well.

  2. To begin with, your tea does always look extra appealing. Those mugs you've been using are super cute!

    In case that person reading sees this, I decided in 2008 to become a tea drinker. I'm obsessed now. :) I just kept buying different ones that looked good to me and eventually I developed a taste for them. Then I trained myself to drink them without sugar-your tastebuds adjust over time. Now I drink them 2 cups and 2 flavors at a time- a little eccentric. :) I love Tazo lemon loaf, Harney and Sons Paris tea, Earl Grey with a splash of vanilla, cream or steamed milk, and stevia or sugar (called a London Fog), Republic of Tea Milky Oolong or RofT vanilla almond, Constant Comment...I could go on and on. :) It's also a great way to postpone eating if you're not really hungry- kind of like smoking but it's actually good for you! I'm actually really glad that I picked up the tea habit.

    As far as The Office, my all-time favorite is when Pam breastfed the wrong baby (makes me giggle just thinking about it!) and then the same episode you posted about the dinner party...hilarious!

  3. OMG, the dinner party episode is one of the best. I used to drink tea exclusively (steeped tea with milk from Tim Hortons got me through law school), but when I was on mat leave with my first child I took up the coffee habit and haven't looked back. I will have tea very occasionally but it's no longer my go to.

  4. I was watching the Dundees just last night... EPIC.

  5. Prison Mike! Don't forget Prison Mike! Haha!

  6. Those Office episodes are spot on! Too hard to pick a favorite. This is later on, but I also love the scene when michael’s nephew comes to intern and he ends up spanking him. 😆 if you like English bfast, I think you might like “Mariage Freres”; it’s expensive, but it’s a French breakfast tea! Similar to English breakfast.

  7. GAH we love all the same Office episodes. What I would have given to have been in the writers' room when they thought up the "Run for Rabies".

  8. I missed the Q&A on Instagram! Any V-day gift ideas for teachers?

  9. Tea is my comfort food, and I drink it all day long. I only drink English breakfast tea. I drink it black unless it's between noon and 8pm. Then I add a little sugar to make it my dessert.

  10. Thank you so much for the laugh today. I have been home with the flu and just back to work today and was reading your blog over lunch. literally lol at the office clips. I am still watching the Office the first time through. I can't get enough and not sure why I was required to watch that sooner.... every person that works in an office should be required to watch it. I soooo wished I had just one of them as a co-worker.....thank you

  11. Ahh! Long time blog follower and seeing my question totally made my morning!! As did all of The Office clips, those are THE BEST episodes :)

    I grew up drinking Red Rose tea with my grandmother and still think of her every time I brew a cup, so comforting. I love a good english breakfast or irish breakfast tea too!

  12. I drink English breakfast tea (steeped for 4 minutes) with milk and sugar too! (I'm a daily coffee drinker thought.) My mom is a tea lover and drinks probably 4 cups a day, and we lived in England when I was a kid so I think that's where she honed her tea-making skills. I'm about to go make myself a cup because it's rainy out and the baby's napping and it seems right :)


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