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Speed Queen Washer and Dryer Review

If you've followed me for a while here and on instagram you may already be aware that our washer had been giving us trouble on and off for the past few years and when I say trouble I mean leaking randomly which is super fun.  We've had a few random and small leaks and then a few months ago Dave started the washer one night, went into our bedroom to fold a load he had just taken out of the dryer and went back to the laundry room to grab something and slipped on about 2" of water covering the entire floor.  We can only assume that the fill valve malfunctioned because when the machine was filling up it never stopped... so water was just pouring into the drum and then up and over the drum and onto the floor as fast as the machine normally fills.  It was a nightmare.  That seemed to be a fluke and everything seemed fine until a couple of weeks ago when we walked into the laundry room one evening and were greeted with a floor covered in water AGAIN.

I started making calls about getting our 10+ year old GE machine repaired and quickly realized that it wasn't going to be worth it to have it repaired.  Several companies wouldn't even service GE machines and we weren't willing to put $200 of labor into it plus parts (which we were told could range from $10 - $400)  knowing that the machine was old and something else could go wrong the week after.  Sigh.  Adulting is fun. 

When I was calling around and talking to repair companies I asked what machines they service the least and at least 5 times I was told to look into Speed Queens.  Thankfully we have a local appliance store (Rodenbaugh's in Allen) that carries the line and we made an appointment and headed over there.  When I told the salesman that I wanted BASIC, high quality, low maintenance and top loading he immediately suggested Speed Queen.  He told me that they're the only machines that they can sell to commercial businesses (day cares, gyms, etc.) as well as schools, fire stations, etc. and they still have their warranty.  Essentially, they can be run all day every day and the company trusts that they'll hold up.  Oh! And you can buy them coin operated since they're what a lot of laundromats use as well. 


Less than 24 hours later....

... the queens had arrived :)  

And when they were being installed the delivery guy kept raving about them - how he's never had to remove a speed queen from someone's house, how they deliver these machines to all sorts of businesses, etc. 

(PS - if you're in the DFW area I can't say enough great things about Rodenbaughs... they delivered my machines in less than 24 hours, the delivery and installation was SEAMLESS and they hauled away my old machines.  Not sponsored - just love them!)

So here's what I LOVE about the washer...

- it's top-loading

- it doesn't have an electronic panel

- it's SIMPLE

- it holds a TON

- it spins crazy fast... when I take clothes out they are seriously almost dry

- it's quieter than my old machine

- it's FAST

- everything comes out super clean

- it's made in the USA (as is the dryer)

- you can open the lid and throw stuff in there during a cycle (most top-loading machines have a lock feature so you can't do that now)

- it auto-fills depending on how much laundry is in there so you don't have to select a load size

The capacity online doesn't seem huge - but I can fit my entire queen duvet and then some towels and clothes on top no problem.

I was pretty much everything on cold and literally all I have to do is press that second black button and it's going.

Our washer and dryer were the same age so we went ahead and got the dryer as well...

Again, it's simple and BIG and gets the job done.

If you have any questions about the machines PLEASE leave them in the comments and I'll get back to you ASAP.  So many of y'all chimed in with your recommendations and then lots of y'all asked for my thoughts after I'd had them for a while and I really can't say enough great things.  Here are the answers to a few questions I received on IG:

I can only compare it to my old machine which was also a top-loading agitator and it's quieter than that but still makes noise since it is such a heavy duty (all metal/steel parts) machine.  

WAY bigger than you'd think!  It holds more than my old machine and can hold our queen duvet and some towels quite easily.  Here's a video from their YouTube channel that shows just how large it is...

We bought the TC5 model that has an agitator which is what we wanted - I believe they all have agitators.

We use Tide free and clear pods for clothes and Tyler Glamorous Wash in the Diva scent (sounds ridiculous I know) for our bedding, towels and throw blankets.

I've never had a machine with a lot of bells and whistles so I can't really miss them BUT after looking at all the bells and whistles offered I can say that I have never really felt a desire to start my washing machine using WiFi on my way home or steam clean a shirt or play a podcast directly from my machine (kidding! hahaha).  For us we just wanted really clean laundry quickly and reliably.

Nope! But I don't use a fabric softener.... we use Tide free and clear pods mostly and then I use wool dryer balls.

There are five (6 including spin)

Nope! I've always had an agitator machine and have only had one drawstring ever get stuck (and that was in my older GE machine)

I've linked them washer and dryer below (the TC5 washer and DC5 dryer) and obviously time will tell if they're really "worth it" in terms of dependability and problems that may arise.  They did come with a great warranty from the manufacturer and every repair and sales person that I talked to said that they have either never or rarely seen one have to be repaired.  In my IG messages I had DOZENS of people who told me that either they or a relative/friend had had speed queens for years without a single problem.  So fingers crossed!

They were on the expensive end - especially when you're comparing them to what look like similar sized top-loading agitator machines - but again, it's the quality, dependability and speed that you're paying for.

I'm laughing so hard because WHO would have ever thought that I'd have so much to say about a washer and dryer?!?!  Here's hoping that these last us FOREVER and get us through the smelly teen years leak-free with our crew :) 

You can shop the machines we purchased  HERE (affiliate link)

HAPPY Monday, friends!!!


  1. I have a speed queen. Absolutely hands down the best. My husband is a construction worker and his clothes are finally clean You will not regret it

  2. So glad you love your Speed Queen set! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE mine!! Have had mine for 6-7 years and haven't ever had any problem at all. My oldest daughter that got married 5 years ago loved it so much also that when she set up house she bought her a set of Speed Queens as well. My mom and mother-in-law also bought a set after theirs started giving them problems after hearing my daughter and I rave about ours so much. We are a Speed Queen family!

  3. I love my speed queen washer and dryer. Anyone that asks, I tell him or her it is the best. I’ve had mine for two years, with a family of 6, and it hasn’t missed a beat.

  4. I'm all for simple without the bells and whistles too! These look great! When we were in our old house, our washing machine flooded the first floor (we were home watching a movie upstairs and Scout came running upstairs sopping wet)! If we wouldn't have been home, they say the house would have been a loss. Water is crazy like that!!!

  5. I went through a local dealer and purchased my Speed Queen after tons of research. I have never had an issue with mine and I love that it is basic, I did not want bells and whistles bc for some reason they always quit working! I wanted basic and good! Speed Queen has my business!

  6. Love your blog, it’s one of my daily reads. Would love to follow you on Instagram?? I sent you a request. I’m 3gin3 there. From a fellow Canadian, all the way from Calgary. 🥰

  7. Love your blog, it’s one of my daily reads (especially the recipes) I’ve sent you an Instagram request, I’m 3gin3 on there. From a fellow Canadian, all the way from Calgary 🥰

  8. How long does it take to wash a medium size load of laundry?

  9. My only question is based on your pics, I don’t see a delicate cycle?

  10. These look amazing. After our washing machine broke, we had to get a front loader. It works fine, but loading and unloading hurts my knees. It also locks, so you can't add items.

  11. Hi Andrea! Can you talk more about the wool dryer balls? I haven't heard of them before and am curious to know the benefits of using them vs. dryer sheets. Thanks!

    1. The wool balls help to "bounce" the clothing and separate items a bit to facilitate drying. They're supposed to cut static cling. Mine did at first but less over the years. I use 3 large and 2 smaller balls.

    2. The balls help to separate and "bounce" the clothing around to facilitate drying. They're supposed to cut static cling to some degree. I use 3 large size and 2 smaller ones in every load. They're available online and most larger department stores.

  12. We bought a Speed Queen washer a year and a half ago and I have plans to replace our dryer with one ASAP too. We just LOVE our Speed Queen!!

  13. My Speed Queens literally arrived this morning. I am already in love! I did extensive research before purchasing...and by extensive I asked for recommendations on social (lol) and the Queens won by a landslide! Long Live The Queens!!

  14. I got a set of speed queens about 8 years ago and i don't miss any bells and whistles. I am the mom of two boys who played sports and i needed something that cleaned clothes well, little to no maintenance. I've had one call on them and that was because the Hubs left a screw in his pocket. I love my speed queens. Won't ever go back to residential grade.

  15. We bought a Speed Queen several years ago I laughed… They are such a basic model compared to all the fancy front loaders and such that are out now. We hated our front loader and my mom did not like not having an agitator so we went with the Speed Queen (only the washer because our front load dryer still worked just fine and we didn’t care of our appliances matched). We bought it at least three years ago and are a family of six and have never, ever had a problem. I would say we do a minimum of a dozen loads of laundry a week. Here’s hoping you are as happy with yours!!
    Isn’t it funny how hard it is just to find “basic” anything???

  16. Hi there, I have been frustratingly researching quality W/D machines and Speed Queen is only one that keeps coming up as reliable. I am looking at their top loading models as well. I am wondering if anyone here who owns one has had problems with the dryer leaving burn marks on their clothing from the metal vent in the back being too hot, I am finding in reviews this is problem with their dryers. I am wondering if I should buy the washer but opt for a different brand dryer. Thank you for any advice!

  17. Just wondering if my king size quilt would be safe washing it in a top loader with an agitator. Anyone have experience with that or any advice, recommendations or comments?

  18. I am comparing the speed queen TR4003 to the GE commercial GTW525ACPWB. I like the GE because the knobs are easy to read and use. Any recommendations?

  19. Is your speed Queen dryer DC5 electric or gas?
    We are a family of eight and my not so old 5 year old Samsung electric dryer has stopped drying three times within a5 year period. My husband has bought a repair kit to replace a part that wears out after time . So I was thinking of getting a gas dryer this time but if these Speed Queen are so good maybe the electric dryer will be as reñuabñe as the washing machine ?

  20. I adore my speed queen 2017 model. I’ve convinced my father to finally buy one. He bought the TC5. Can you tell me the run time on a wash cycle? Mine is no longer than 40 minutes. It’s amazing!

  21. Been waiting to order the TC5/ DC5 but they are on backorder forEVER! Local appliance store isn’t even taking orders on them. 😭 We need one now. So sad. Thanks for your awesome review!

  22. My 8 year old Maytag failed on us in August - about two weeks before the sale on our house closed. Since the laundry room in our new house is upstairs, I wanted to make sure we did not have a repeat of the sporadic floods we had as the Maytag died. Our appliance repair company recommended Speed Queen, as did the internet and people at the appliance store, really touting reliability, longevity, and superior cleaning. Well, I must be doing something wrong in my TR5 because I'm washing all our clothes on permanent press, and I've switched from plant-based detergent to Tide, and our clothes are still disgusting. I need another mom's advice because I'm the only one who seems disappointed!

  23. I want this product to start laundry business. Can you sponsor pls😀

  24. At first I thought the Speedqueens were flooding the floors...its a good thing I kept on reading as I am in the process of purchasing the Speedqueen set... I enjoyed reading the reviews they made me resolute in my decision to purchase my Speedqueen set. Does this make me an official Speedqueener? :)

  25. Hi! Trying to decide between the TC5 and TR5 models- Do you still love your TC5? That is the model I am leaning toward based on the classic clean technology, however sales people at 3 different appliance stores have recommended the TR5 over TC5...but the reviews online seem to be terrible for TR5... help!


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