Thursday, June 4, 2020

Seven Questions

Griffin has been working SO HARD on reading this year and I feel like we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I'm so hopeful that this summer is the time she falls in love with reading.  We do a ton of reading together and are working on more independent reading. Mo Willems books are her current favorite mainly because she finds a LOT of success in them and can read them completely independently - I think they make her feel good to read which I totally get!  These "biggies" are the best because they're several books in one which makes taking them in the car, to the park, etc. super convenient.

She's also really enjoyed the following series...

And if you click the photo below it'll take you to an instagram post with TONS of great recommendations...

We LOVE movies and I feel like we have lots of favorites and the list just grows as my kids get older and we can share more of our favorites with them.  Here are a few of our go-to's...

- All of the Toy Story movies
- The Sandlot
- Secret Life of Pets
- Greatest Showman
- Aladdin (the new one)
- Pirates of the Caribbean
- National Treasure
- Lego Movie
- Remember the Titans

My current quarantine go-to-outfit are  these leggings and a t-shirt with  this denim jacket thrown over it if I have to go out in public :) hahaha  When I'm at home I'm pretty much always in leggings because they are ridiculously soft and smooth, hold everything in while still being comfy and they BREATHE - and then I'm usually in some sort of sweatshirt/hoodie or long sleeve tee because that's just how I like to live my life :) 

For school I have a certain maxi dress in black and white that I keep on hand for mornings when I'm in a huge rush or just have no clue what to wear.  They work with a denim jacket or a cardigan, flip flops or clogs and they're the perfect neutral base that I can jazz them up with bracelets and earrings.

Girl, no! hahaha :)  Bangs are way too high maintenance - says the lady who's had bangs since she was about 3.  

We've ALL been there and I feel like I'm supposed to say pray and ask for patience... but I think saying TAKE A BREAK (and while you're taking your break pray and ask for patience) is more honest ;)  There is NO SHAME in popping in that DVD, setting your kids up with some fruit snacks and taking a breather for a few minutes.  Play some Candy Crush, read a book, eat a cupcake... do what you need to do!  I will say - that I wouldn't recommend scrolling social media... it could just be me but when I'm having a particularly crappy day it seems like EVERYONE AND THEIR MOM on social media isn't - which never helps my mood.  If you have a friend you can text (particularly a friend who also has kids and "gets it") send them an SOS and I can almost guarantee you they've had a moment or two that day as well.

Let go of that guilt, enjoy a few minutes of quiet and then head back in there with your head up.

I have! Mason was diagnosed with a visual processing disorder when he was in the first grade and he went through a vision therapy program that was LIFE CHANGING for him.

You can read my initial post  HERE

... and an update  HERE.

To make a long story short he completely "caught up" to grade level and then just kept exceeding expectations.  The vision therapy strengthened his eyes to the point that his far-sightedness and astigmatism were corrected and he no longer has to wear glasses. 

This question CRACKED ME UP!!!  You pronounce it


Believe it or not more people seemed to have trouble with my maiden name (Buchanan) than my married one.  

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  1. Thank you for continuing to post upbeat posts and keeping this little corner of the world normal! Your blog has always been a bright spot in my day and we need that now more than ever!

  2. How do you say you maiden name? Is it bue-cannon or buck-hannon? Lol

  3. Love your question and answer posts. :)

  4. My maiden name is also Buchanan and people had the HARDEST time with it! When we were kids answering the phone, if they couldn't pronounce our name it was a telemarketer hahaha.

  5. Totally thought it was MUH CON UH LEE

  6. I second vision therapy!! Our son had it in the second grade and was prescribed glasses to help his eyes process..(as well as therapy in the office and at home)...I believe by 4th grade he no longer needed them. It was LIFE CHANGING - hard to find people with this particular speciality but if you find that person/group they can be life-changing for our kiddos.

  7. Love these posts. And here's what a small world we live in - the woman that asked the last question was my son's 6th grade teacher (he's 23 now!). I haven't seen her in years but every once in a while I'll see her pop up on things like this. Too funny.


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